Urged by a friend in San Francisco, I conceived mango&lime in August 2006 as a place to share recipes, restaurants, events and everything food with friends, family and whoever else was interested.

Food had been a passion of mine for some time. I’m not quite sure how it started or when, but it was there and it needed an outlet. And so this blog began. It’s changed over the years and has a little bit of everything, recipes, events, interviews and chronicles of my restaurant experiences.

I’m not a professional cook (despite a brief stint in culinary school) nor a critic, but I am an enthusiast, curious about tasting, and eager to learn and experiment. That’s what this space was created for, to chronicle where my curiosity leads me, and in the process share experiences and stories.

My playground is Miami, the city I live in, a city that like many of my favorite dishes is a fusion of cultures, colors and tastes.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing in it.


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12 Responses to “About”

  1. Paula,

    Muy chevere el blog, me gusta como escribes. Ayer lo estuve mirando y se me abrió el apetito, recetas muy provocativas, dan ganas de irse a Miami. Cuando vengas espero que puedas escribir sobre sitios y comida en Houston.


  2. Great site. It’s about time Miami had a food blog such as this.

  3. How cool! I didn’t realize this was you. Very well done. Spelling, photos everything very much above Miami’s normal mediocrity. What a great thing to do in your spare time! Let me know if you ever need a partner for one of you restaurant missions.

    Have you been to that Peruvian place Salmon, salmon??!! Delicious!

    Yesterday, I was at Little Saigon in North Miami. Good Vietnamese.

    You didn’t know I was something of a gourmand did you??! Bueno. When my budget allows it.

    peace and grease,


  4. P,

    This site rocks! I’ll have to hire you to do mine. :)
    I’m volunteering to go restaurant tasting anytime. Or, hell, maybe I’ll have to cook some of my awesome Cajun grub so you can write about it. :)

  5. I would also join you to do some taste testing around town! :-) I love trying new foods around Miami and very much have a broad expanse of likings for various cuisines, markets, delis, and just about anything related with food. I love your site. Contact me anytime!

  6. Hello Paula,
    I would love to invite you to try our Colombian Food at MEKATOS Bakery
    in Kendall and then post it in your blog.
    please write me back so we can discuss a meeting day!
    thank you!!
    claudia ospina

  7. I love your blog Paula! great work! I really admire your Point of View and appreciation for the local flavor!!

  8. Paula me encanto tu blog!! empeze a leer todo y no sabia que eras tu la que escribe…en verdad esta genial. Un beso!

  9. Paula,
    Te felicito por tu blog…keep up the good work! Tambien te invito a que nos visites en Half Moon Empanadas (1616 Washington Ave en South Beach). Recien cumplimos 8 meses y nos encantaria que pruebes nuestras empanadas…y tambien nuestros pasteles (el de dulce de leche es el mas popular). Aqui te esperamos!!!
    Juan Z

  10. Paual!

    I love your blog! You provide great recipes and great reviews! Keep up the good work foodie! xoxo

  11. Paula,

    I did not realize you were Paula of “Mango and Lime”. I’ve known about your blog for some time! I would love to collaborate on something in the future! I’m so glad I got to meet you at my clinic in person!! 😉



  12. Would love to Robyn! I enjoyed the class very much. Stay tuned for the post… :)

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