March 21st, 2011

A Little Bite of Puerto Rico at the Kiosks of Luquillo


Shrimp mofongo

I just got back from an almost week-long trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where one of my greatest friends was married last weekend. I must admit I didn’t pack my agenda with restaurants to try. In fact, aside from the wedding-related events all I really wanted to do was lounge in the sun. But of course I had to eat and my best meal came on the day the bride and groom took a group of wedding guests on a trip to El Yunque, a tropical rainforest on the eastern part of the island.

After hiking up small waterfalls, walking the trails of the forest and bathing in ice cold water, the group was beyond hungry. We hopped on the van that took us there and headed back to Luquillo. There we stopped at a row of kiosks along the highway. Most of them sell food and our driver urged us to try Ceviche Hut, a Peruvian restaurant.

Some were a bit hesitant to take his recommendation since we wanted to eat mofongo but he assured us the mofongo there was good. So we agreed but not before stopping at another kiosk for alcapurrias (fritters typically made from green plantain and yautia and filled with meat or seafood). The crab alcapurria made me a fan.


Fried goodness: alcapurrias, bacalaitos and more

Kiosko La Mexicana

Kiosko La Mexicana

Back at Ceviche Hut, I ordered shrimp mofongo and a fish ceviche to share with D. The mofongo was delicious though a bit different from other mofongos I ate while on the island. The plantain wasn’t as mashed so it had a bit more texture. Not that it matters, it tasted great and the Puerto Ricans on the trip approved. The fish ceviche was good, too.

Fish ceviche

Fish ceviche

I will caution that service was a bit slow and the prices higher than what you’d find at neighboring kiosks. Still, the food we tried was good and the meal was made better by ice-cold Medallas (the Puerto Rican beer), ocean breeze and great friends.

Medalla by the beach

Medalla by the beach

Ceviche Hut
Interstate PR3 – Kiosk #38
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

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  1. I miss this trip and the food already!

  2. Yummy stuff! Can we expect any more posts on PR platters you perused?

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