January 28th, 2011

Forno52 Mobile Pizza (Updated)


*Update: Forno52 has finally announced it will open its brick-and-mortar location on Saturday, February 5 at 17225 South Dixie Highway in Palmetto Bay. The pizza from the truck was great; hopefully it’s just as good at their restaurant.*

~~original post 1/29/10~~

Nope, it’s not exactly a pizza food truck. It’s Forno52, a pizza catering business with a mobile wood-burning oven. One, they say, that reaches temperatures of between 700 and 900 degrees. I came across Forno52’s booth and bright orange portable oven last weekend at Fairchild Tropical Garden’s Chocolate Festival.

Roberto preparing my margherita pizza

Roberto preparing my pizza

As I glanced at the menu, owner Roberto Santos lured me to try his Napolitan-style pizza, which he will soon offer at a storefront in Palmetto Bay (172th and US1). I ordered a margherita and it was surprisingly good. Definitely not what you would expect at a festival.


The storefront opening is still three months away, according to Santos, so in the meantime follow Forno52 on Twitter and Facebook for updates. And if you run into their orange oven at a festival, give the pizza a try.


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5 Responses to “Forno52 Mobile Pizza (Updated)”

  1. Frod introduced me to this company recently and it looks legit! How was the pie?

  2. wow that pizza looks really delicious! I love the use of fresh ingredients and thin crusts! Now if only the pizza mobile would become mainstream at large, like the classic ice cream truck!

  3. I’m intrigued by this whole mobile pizza thing cooked in the back of a truck. I need to try this!

  4. I love the pizza at Forno52. I’ve never tasted a pizza as delicious. I have yet to taste a pizza that compares to it. The crust is thin, its not loaded with cheese and it has the perfect amount of sauce.

  5. I ate at the Forno52 on 172 US1. Worst Service Ever. I took the kids and asked for extra cheese on the pizzz and the Owner-Cook said no extra’s you will take it the way I make it. What is this the Pizza Nazi. What ever happend to customer service? Very rude will never go back. Also $13.00 for a small pizza -way overpriced.

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