January 3rd, 2011

A New Year, A Few Photos

margie pikarsky | bee heaven farm

margie pikarsky | bee heaven farm

I’m finally back in Miami after 10 days with my family in Houston. While away, I spent some time trying to clean up and organize my computer. I went through my photos and deleted a bunch of dark, blurry restaurant photos that I kept, probably as a reminder of a dinner out or a dish I liked. I also rediscovered some photos. Photos like the one above, of Margie Pikarski, that I like but never posted.

I took that photo when I was working on a story about women in farming that appeared in Edible South Florida’s latest issue. I spent a good four hours with Margie at the farm. At one point, after packing loads of avocados, she drew a face on one and said it was a woman farmer. I like the picture and didn’t want to let it just sit on my computer so I thought I’d share it and a few more from 2010. They’re random shots of food but all of them are memories of the year that ended.

Porterhouse at the photo shoot for the Michael's Genuine Cookbook

porterhouse | photo shoot for the Michael's Genuine Cookbook

grilled branzino at mandolin

grilled branzino | mandolin

the black hoof | toronto | may 2010

menu | the black hoof | toronto

lobster dumpling | lai wah heen | toronto

lobster dumpling | lai wah heen | toronto

korean shrimp | sakaya kitchen

korean shrimp | sakaya kitchen

brussels sprouts | my backyard

brussels sprouts | my backyard

hen | pns farms | homestead

hen | pns farms | homestead

noodles | american noodle bar

noodles | american noodle bar

watermelon radish | little river market garden

watermelon radishes | little river market garden

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12 Responses to “A New Year, A Few Photos”

  1. Hey Paula-Love those watermelon radishes. Wow. Funny I was just going thru my own photos yesterday. Great minds think alike, I guess!

  2. Love the photos!

    Reminds me of some of the highlights of my year!

  3. Danny – They’re even prettier sliced up. :)

    D – Wish the horse sammy photo was decent enough to post.

  4. Love Margie’s Picture…

  5. Great pictures! Happy New Year!

  6. Great Pictures – I just stumbled upon your blog and fell upon these beautiful pictures – Happy new year!

  7. Love that picture of Margie–captures her cheerful spirit. Looking forward to a year of more exciting discoveries. And Happy New Year!

  8. Great photos…my favorite is the lobster dumpling.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Beautiful pictures! ♥

  10. Great idea! The link to the women in farming article sent me to the current issue of ESF. :( Maybe get the pdfs and link to those?

  11. Thanks for pointing that out, Trina. I’ll work on fixing that.

  12. All such great pics, but my fave is Margie with the avo! :)
    Waah, I miss American Noodle Bar. Was a cool place to grab dinner while on break from work.

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