November 1st, 2010

Knaus Berry Farm, A Reason to Love November


November is here. While most of the country bids farewell to farmers markets and extols the beauty of leaves turning orange, we in South Florida celebrate that temperatures are starting to drop to the low 80s and farmers markets are about to come back for the season. We also anticipate November for the return of warm, sticky cinnamon rolls and fresh strawberries from Knaus Berry Farm in the Redland. At least I do.

This year the farm will welcome visitors everyday except Sundays starting November 9 and through April. A trip is well worth it for the Knaus family’s baked goods (pies, cakes, dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls), jams, ice cream, fruit shakes, and fresh strawberries and veggies. And now the farm also offers Bald Baker’s Blend coffee.

“The name comes from the bakery manager who doesn’t have a lot of hair,” said Thomas Blocher, the farm’s bakery manager for 27 seasons. “That’s me.”

Blocher started selling his own blend of coffee (whole bean and already prepared) at the farm last year. He says the idea came about when he started roasting his own coffee at home and realized that there was a huge difference in taste and freshness compared to what he could get at the store. Buying his own roasting machine for the bakery, however, proved expensive so he teamed up with a Miami coffee roaster to develop the Bald Baker’s blend.

The coffee is a blend of two beans, one from Indonesia and the other from South America. Espresso and decaf blends are also available but those are the roaster’s own blends. This year, Blocher will start selling the coffee online.

For those unfamiliar with it, Knaus Berry Farm started more than 50 years ago when brothers Ray and Russel Knaus began growing strawberries in the Redland. Ray’s wife, Barbara, eventually started selling her baked goods, including the cinnamon rolls that to this day draw big crowds to the roadside stand. If you go, be prepared to stand in line but know that patience will pay off.

Knaus Berry Farm

15980 SW 248 St., Homestead

Open from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. starting November 9. Closed on Sundays.

More info on the farm’s Facebook group.

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7 Responses to “Knaus Berry Farm, A Reason to Love November”

  1. Bald Baker’s Blend is a favorite at our house…especially with those delicious cinnamon rolls–now that’s a pairing;-)! Hats off to the Bald Baker!

  2. This is awesome. Thank you!

  3. And one of the great South Florida traditions continues. Thanks for the head’s up. Will be heading down soon. While cinnamon rolls are the stuff of local legend, the garlic & herb breadsticks are just as addictive and insanely good. Warmed in the oven with a slab of good butter. Excuse me, having a Homer Simpson moment. Drooling on keyboard. Knaus Berry Farm – yuuummmm….

  4. Yay! Great news! M & I drove past there just last week and wondered when opening day would be. I’ve never tried their coffee, but you know how I feel about coffee! Can’t wait! (Jumping up and down & clapping hands!)

  5. @Chad – Thanks for the tip. I haven’t tasted the breadsticks but now I will.

    @RJ Flamingo – You and me both! Interested in tasting the coffee.

  6. The APRICOT PIE!!!!!!!!

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