June 30th, 2010

Now Open: Fin

Back in December, the Cobayas had a dinner at Fin, Jonathan Eismann’s sustainable seafood restaurant. Back then the chef expected to open in three to four weeks. Well, it didn’t quite happen that way. It took six months but Fin is now officially open. Here’s the recap of our December dinner.

4029 N Miami Avenue, Miami

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3 Responses to “Now Open: Fin”

  1. I love Jonathon’s restaurants and concepts but I’m wondering how a restaurant that sells only seafood from thousands of miles away is serving “sustainable seafood.” Isn’t that seafood’s carbon footprint enormous and entirely unsustainable except with huge quantities of transporting petroleum? Just saying …

  2. […] Fin is now open, according to Mango&Lime, who provides a couple links to better familiarize yourself to Jonathan Eismann’s latest […]

  3. Brad – Agreed. Perhaps a more accurate term would be sustainably caught/farmed although their site claims they’ll be serving all local seafood but that’s not the cased based on their menu.

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