March 22nd, 2010

Taqueria Los Dos Amigos


On Saturday evening, I found myself at a taco truck on a parking lot in the corner of NW 27th Avenue and NW 35th Street. My visit wasn’t exactly planned. Jackie, who I was meeting earlier that day for other matters, invited me to go with her to the truck where she was meeting the crew of Vendr TV.

Vendr TV is a New York-based website dedicated to capturing the best street eats on film. Daniel Delaney and his crew are in town as part of their Spring 2010 Road Trip and they were planning a shoot at Dos Amigos.

We arrived at the truck a little early and met Karen and Benny, the owners. The two friends started the business last June when the recession hit and construction work suffered. Benny, whose actual name is Benigno, hails from Pachuca and Karen is of Honduran descent.


While we waited for the crew to arrive we drank a Jarrito de mandarina and tried to resist ordering a taco. But we didn’t have much willpower.

The menu at Dos Amigos is divided into tacos ($2), tortas ($5), quesadillas ($5) and burritos ($5), which can be ordered with carne asada (beef), pollo (chicken), lengua (tongue), al pastor (pork), and campechano (mix of chicken and beef). The fillings are served on corn tortillas and are generously topped with cilantro and onions.

At the counter, you have a choice of two sauces. A green one made with tomatillos is mild and has a little tang, while the red one made from chile de arbol and other chilies is smoky and has more kick. A bottle of sour cream also sits there for those who, like a close friend of mine who shall remain nameless, are incapable of eating a taco without sour cream.


I ordered my tacos al pastor. The pork had a nice flavor to it and I loved that it was loaded with cilantro and onions. The corn tortillas were also tasty and had a little crispness on the edges that I enjoyed. Jackie favored her tacos de lengua and D was all about the campechano.

The Vendr TV crew arrived a little later and after scoping out the scene decided not to tape an episode here. Something about the fluorescent lighting and the fact that they weren’t allowed on the truck. But the crew did grab a bite to eat and seemed to enjoy it. It was too bad for Karen and Benny, but at least we got to visit and taste their food.

Taqueria Los Dos Amigos
Corner of NW 27th Avenue and NW 35th Street
Open Thursday and Sunday from 6 p.m. – midnight; Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. – 2 a.m.


Waiting for tacos



Daniel Delaney and Jackie Sayet

Daniel Delaney and Jackie Sayet

All photos taken by D.

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8 Responses to “Taqueria Los Dos Amigos”

  1. Nice post P! Thanks for coming with me at the last minute!! I plan to visit Benny and Karen again. Loved everything about it :)

  2. Thanks to you for the invite. I wouldn’t have thought of going otherwise.

  3. Sounds like an exciting Saturday night! I happen to love VendrTV. Shame they didn’t end up shooting

  4. Nadia – They’re still taping down here. I think they’ll be at Yellow Submarine tomorrow at 8 p.m. if you want to go by.

  5. yes at the Yellow Submarine truck-go their site for exact twitter location

  6. Nice post. I may have to hit that truck up on the way back from work some night.

  7. Looks like a good one to try. Thanks Paula!

  8. Good post!… they should come see Taco Trucks in Austin or Houston,TX. It’s legendary down here… love taco trucks…

    Tacos al pastor are so good!

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