March 11th, 2010

Tweet Me in Miami


It’s been a busy, busy week but I wanted to share Andrew Nelson’s National Geographic article, Tweet Me in Miami.

Remember Andrew Nelson? He came to Miami over Thanksgiving; his assignment was to see Miami with the help of Twitter, or “crowd-source his vacation,” as he quotes his friend telling him. I’m now in the process of planning a trip to Toronto and I can attest to the power of Twitter for travel tips — I’ve been given some great suggestions.

You’ll see many familiar local bloggers in the article, including, Frodnesor at Food For Thought, Jackie Sayet of Kitchen Interviews,  Steve of Blind Tastes, Maria of Sex on the Beach, Trina of Miami Dish, Hilda of Hidden Florida and others, including mango&lime (way at the end). There’s also a photo gallery where you’ll see a pic of some of the twitterers (is that a word?) who helped Nelson.

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2 Responses to “Tweet Me in Miami”

  1. I was bummed I couldn’t make it for the final photo shoot but at least Mr. M got in there :) tee hee

  2. Good idea – I should tweet myself through Paris

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