January 11th, 2010

Gables Market and other January food events (Updated)

Peppers at the Coral Gables Farmers Market

I’m a little late with this month’s events but aside from Taste of the Grove, which I’m not a huge fan of, not much interesting seemed to be going on early in the month. The Coral Gables Farmers Market opens again this Saturday, January 16 across from City Hall (405 Biltmore Way). The market runs from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturdays through March 27. Update: Paradise Farms will be at the market.

From January 22-24, Fairchild Tropical Garden holds its 4th Annual Chocolate Festival. I have yet to attend but it sounds like an interesting event with the usual demos, tastings and lectures. This year Fairchild is also holding a cupcake and chocolate cake contest.

Paradise Farms will hold two Dinners in Paradise this month. The first, on January 24, will feature chefs Sam Gorenstein of BLT Steak, Roly Cruz-Taura and Phillipe Ruiz from the Biltmore Hotel and Elizabeth Barlow from Canyon Ranch. The January 31 dinner was rescheduled from January 10 due to the low temperatures this past weekend. Interestingly, the Paradise Farms website now shows tickets to the previously sold out dinner featuring Michael Schwartz, Clay Conley and Sean Brasel as available. Tickets are $165.50 per person.

Slow Food Miami will hold a “Slow Fish” dinner at River Oyster Bar on January 31. Check their website for menu and pricing updates.

Have I missed any? What food events are you looking forward to this month?

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10 Responses to “Gables Market and other January food events (Updated)”

  1. No te gusta Taste of the Grove? Por que? I like the event. Sure, the prices are a bit high for a “festival” but consider the prices at “Ribfest” and I guess thats the going rate these days. I like that they always have a decent amount of vendors and live music. I guess if there were better restaurants in the Grove it would be a better event. I do need to try out this Atchana’s East/West Kitchen though. 2 years in a row I’ve liked what they had out. Ideas and Panorama need to get back into my rotation too.

    The Dinner in Paradise that was rescheduled to the 31st had some people cancel because they could not make that date. I got an email from Paradise Farms making me aware that there were tickets available now because of the cancellations. Funny how when I have a question for them they never reply but now that they need to fill seats the emails are flying. Too bad I already bought tix for the one in April. I’m taking mi madre. You guys should come too!

  2. I’ll confess the last time I went to Taste of the Grove was a while ago. It’s not so much the prices but that time in particular I found it was more about the music and beer than the food. Guess there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll have to check it out next year when hopefully it’s not freezing.

    Re: Dinner in Paradise, I figured that’s what happened. They never returned my calls either. I’m saving up for April! :)

  3. That’s a whole lotta dosh for a bit of grub! haha! Seriously, is it worth over $300 for two people to experience? A dinner at Michael’s certainly won’t set two people back that much, why is it so dear?

  4. I wish I had the answer to that question. It is a lot of money but I’ve heard great comments about the experience of touring the farm and dining there with wonderful chefs. Still, I know what you mean. These pricey events can add up quickly!

  5. It may sound pricey, but remember this is a CHARITY event.

  6. Paula, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive to do the “foodie’ thing. The Sobe Food and Wine Festival tix used to be $75 about five years ago and now they are over $200…(I don’t dare look at the site) Rachel Ray’s Burger Bash was $50 just a few years ago…I think it’s over $100 now, maybe $150?

    It just seems like enjoying good food or going to these food events are turning into a hobby for the wealthy. When I went to the Taste of the Grove last year, I thought the food prices were ridiculous for the small portions and eating off of a paper plate. It’s hard to sample many things when everything costs $10!

    For the cost of two Sobe F & W festival tickets, my husband and I could go to Casa Tua, eat like a king and be waited on hand and foot, no shoving or pushing or lines! Thanks for the response!

  7. Thanks, Tamara. I meant to mention in my comment yesterday that Paradise Farms raises money with these events to donate ready to grow gardens to public schools.

  8. Actually, La Diva, Burger Bash has jumped to $200, plus the handling fees

    Amazing isn’t it

  9. People are confusing food with fashion. If they are willing to pay the crazy prices ($200 dollar burger event!!) that’s none of my business. I prefer to do the Bourdain thing – find a great local burger joint and get into a nice convo with the owner. That way I can save that money to get some foei gras or beluga caviar acompannied by a beautiful glass of wine…at home.

  10. Andreina, AGREED!!! But it’s nice to know that Paradise Farms dinners are helping public schools with that fee. Thanks for the update Paula.

    Think of all the burgers I could make with $200…….and all the people I could feed! Rachel Ray “ain’t all that!”

    I still say that Dewey’s Bar on Miami Beach makes the best burgers, huge plate with fries for less than $10!!! (and not a bit of Kobe beef or fois gras to be found!)

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