January 4th, 2010

Lomo al trapo

Cracking the crust

Cracking the crust

One of my resolutions this year is to do a little more cooking. I’ve always liked to cook but last year I didn’t do nearly as much of it as I would’ve liked. This week’s project is “lomo al trapo,” which my dad and I made for D’s birthday last week.

I’m not quite sure when my family started making this recipe but it’s common in Colombia. Lomo al trapo translates into tenderloin in a rag. It consists of wrapping a whole beef tenderloin in a clean dish rag covered in coarse salt. You wrap the piece of meat in the salted rag, truss it and throw it directly into the fireplace. Since I don’t have a fireplace here in sunny Miami, my dad and I cooked it on the grill directly over hot charcoals for about 20 minutes.


On the coals

When you remove the meat from the heat, the cloth is burnt and breaks right off, as does the salt crust. The result is moist, tender, juicy meat that you serve sliced. Note: This is not a recipe for those who like meat well done.

It had been a long time since my family made this so it didn’t come out perfect. Some parts got a little burnt on the outside but it still tasted great and it brought back good memories of my younger years.

There are many recipes out there showing you how to make this step by step. Some use marinades on the meat before rolling it, some use spices mixed in with the salt. We’ve always used just salt but you can make the version that suits your taste. I’ll leave you with this video, which provides a clear explanation on how to make lomo al trapo.

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  1. Love Lomo al Trapo. It’s one of those things I almost always request from the wife’s family when visiting Bogota. Nothing like throwing beef into the fireplace and sipping a couple cocktails while it cooks. Great idea to try it on the BBQ!

  2. I love lomo al trapo!!! I miss that dish from my beautiful country… Colombia!!! Thank you for visiting my blog :) I love yours!

  3. Thank for stopping by, Erica. I’m also from Colombia. Your blog makes me miss it so much more.

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