November 15th, 2009

PBR, pop tarts and pizza – it’s a Michael’s Genuine kind of brunch

It was another beautiful day in Miami. A day perfect for Sunday brunch outdoors in the company of good friends. Our setting was Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, whose Sunday brunch celebrated its fourth week today and visibly isn’t lacking in popularity.

Sunday Morning Special

Sunday Morning Special

Before fully reviewing the menu, which is split into savory and sweets, plus smaller sections of meats, breads, eggs & things and snacks, we focused on the alcoholic beverages.

My choice was the Sunday Morning Special ($7), a Bloody Mary shot topped with grated parmesan and served with a PBR. Three of us ordered this drink and we’re still not 100% sure if we were supposed to pour the shot into the beer — probably not — but that’s what we did and it worked just fine. Reminded me of a michelada. A Sombrita ($11), mezcal with a pineapple, cucumber, jalapeƱo mix and ground cardamom, was refreshing with some kick.

Blueberry and yuzu pop tarts

Blueberry and yuzu pop tarts

But we weren’t here just for the cocktails. It just took us a little time to make a decision on food because so many dishes were calling our names.

A large portion of the savory dishes, like the slow roasted pork shoulder, wood-oven roasted double yolk egg and crispy rice cake with chorizo and rock shrimp, have made their way from the dinner menu into the brunch menu. We stayed away from the familiar and ordered dishes that we hadn’t tried. Because the portions are mostly appetizer size, they lend themselves well to sharing.

D and I were, once again, in the company of Jackie and Steve. I ordered the steak and egg (yes, one egg) ($9), blueberry and yuzu pop tarts ($4); D ordered the breakfast pizza ($9) and potato and onion tortilla ($7); Jackie the lemon ricotta pancakes ($7) and wild salmon-fennel hash ($9); and Steve the wood-oven roasted moulard duck egg ($9).

Breakfast pizza

Breakfast pizza

On the savory side, the standout for me was the breakfast pizza, which was topped with house smoked bacon, an organic egg, green onions and jack cheese. The combination of flavors was perfect and that bacon, oh that bacon. The tortilla was also good, especially when combined with the tomato compote that accompanied it, whose flavor reminded me a lot of the flavor of hogao (a Colombian sauce made of tomatoes, green onions, garlic and cumin).

On the sweet side, I loved the pop tarts. Their exterior was perfectly golden and light and the warm fillings were a burst of flavor. The yuzu filling was best of the two as its tartness cut well into the sweetness of the pastry shell. I was told the fillings change weekly, hopefully they’ll keep that yuzu flavor around.

Potato and onion tortilla with tomato compote

Potato and onion tortilla with tomato compote

While hopes were high for the duck egg in spicy posole with duck cracklings and queso fresco, the verdict from those who tasted it seemed to be just okay. Similary, the salmon-fennel hash seemed to be lacking salmon flavor. But really we had no major complaints. On this beautiful Miami day, Michael’s for brunch was a fine choice.

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink
130 NE 40 Street, Design District

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4 Responses to “PBR, pop tarts and pizza – it’s a Michael’s Genuine kind of brunch”

  1. Those pictures look yummy. We love MGFD and are happy to hear about a good place for brunch. But, really. There’s no excuse for PBR except for a nostalgia flashback. I’d be happy to see it on your table, not mine!

  2. Wow! Michael’s GFD keeps getting better and better. As far as the PBR, I think it shows Chef Michael Schwartz has a sense of humor. Anyway, hipsters from Brooklyn and Chicago who are down here for Art Basel will appreciate it as well. I need to get to this brunch! That pizza, BTW, looks like one Steve would enjoy. I wonder how he thought it compared to the one at Spris? (I know it’s not exactly the same…)

  3. I kept thinking about this yuzu pop tart all day. Weirdness. Gotta try it.

  4. Yes Trina, I loved the breakfast pizza. It kinda compares to the one at Spris but they are both awesome in their own way. I think the patata e pancetta @ Spris could be my new favorite…

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