September 21st, 2009

Cupcake store coming to downtown

2 Girls and a Cupcake

The girls from 2 Girls and a Cupcake are setting up shop in Downtown Miami and they’re opening up their storefront to the public with a 24-hour cupcake-a-thon that kicks off at midnight on Friday, Sep. 25. Cupcakes will be going for $1.99 each and proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson Foundation.

I met Eileen and Evelyn during a cupcake tasting I attended last year, where their “Oye Como Va” cupcake — vanilla cupcake with guava filling and cream cheese frosting — topped my list of favorites. While I’m not a cupcake connoiseur or die-hard fan, I’ve ordered from the girls a few times for parties and the cupcakes are always big hits. So I say, pay them a visit to check out their new store.

2 Girls and a Cupcake
140 SE 1 Avenue, Miami
786.285.8587 or 305.582.6962

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11 Responses to “Cupcake store coming to downtown”

  1. Good to know! Sounds like they are unique with Miami flair, a plus since cupcakes have become such a fad!

  2. I really dont get the obsession with cupcakes… Isnt that one of the easiest and most affordable things to make at home with little time investment? And the business name wouldve been way better if it was “Two Girls, One Cupcake”

  3. These are the most amazing cupcakes I’ve ever had!

  4. Just another imitation of Cupcakes Nouveau! Cupcakes Nouveau is sooooo much better and doesn’t even compare. The Miami Flair? They’ve been there and done that! Cupcakes Nouveau take the cake!!

  5. Cupcakes Nouveau? ?? Everytime I’ve had their cupcakes , they have been dry and overcooked. I usually try a place a couple of times before passing judgment, but three times and your out. They also never have all the cupcakes they advertise.

  6. Cupcakes Nouveau BOMBED when they opened up their store on Miracle Mile. They went way down hill then and if I’m not correct then went bye bye.

  7. Dry? I think you have the wrong Cupcakes Nouveau. Their cupcakes are never dry nor overcooked. Also, they didn’t bomb. They are moving to a new location on Le Jeune near Havana Harry’s. They are opening up soon, check their website. And still, that doesn’t take away the fact their Romeo and Juliet cupcake came way before “Oye como va”. Babaih, I”ll treat you to the best cupcake you’ve ever had when they open up shop again. 😉

  8. Luciana,

    Sounds like you have a very close relationship with Cupcakes Nouveau.

    Let’s change the bomb statement to, their Coral Gables location BOMBED BIG! They were there a very short time. Less than 6 months and their selections and cupcakes were much better before they moved in to that location.

  9. Not really, but let’s talk in a few months. From the information I gathered, they are still taking orders until their new location opens up. I just checked their website and the address for the new location is already up.

    Check for yourself.

  10. Pepe,

    Cupcakes Nouveau didn’t “bomb” at the Miracle Mile location. We actually did very well there. Our short time there completely financed construction at our new location.

    We only had a 6 month lease contract at the Miracle Mile location as we were in the process of looking for a smaller storefront. The Miracle Mile space was entirely too large for us and we would have never agreed to a long term lease there.

    We would love for you to visit us at our new location on Le Jeune Rd and have a box of cupcakes on us! Hope to see you soon!

  11. check us out please!!! =)

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