June 29th, 2009

Los sabores del mercado Venza in pictures

Los Sabores del Mercado Venza

Lately I’ve found myself caught in the South Florida rains quite a bit. It happened yet again yesterday at Toyota’s Los Sabores del Mercado Venza.  The rain surely deterred many from coming, which in a way made it better for those who attended because we were able to watch the chefs and taste the food without fighting crowds. Still, a good amount of people showed up even with the poor weather conditions. Here are some pictures.

There were four tents, two on Lincoln Road across from Gelateria Parmalat and two on Euclid Avenue right around the corner.

Adriana Restaurant at Toyota's Mercado Venza

The first tent I visited was handing out tiradito from Adriana Restaurant.


At the next tent, Andrea Curto-Randazzo of Talula served mango barbecue slow roasted pork with orange corn salsa with the help of her daughter Isabella. I’m glad I got a taste before the rain intensified and chef Curto-Randazzo had to stop serving her dish.

Andrea Curto-Randazzo at Los Sabores del Mercado Venza

Event staff gave out potted herbs to anyone who accumulated four stamps on their Sabores del Mercado passport. I brought home some basil.

Los Sabores del Mercado Venza

Juan Carlos Jimenez of Bella Cuba served tostones topped with avocado and tomato, and vegetable rice. Shortly after I had a bite of my toston, the rain started coming down so I had to seek cover.

Los sabores del mercado Venza

While I waited for the rain to subside, I ran into Eleanor Hoh and met Dean Richardson of Tropical Treescapes who was carrying some Chinese red noodle beans he grew. He seems to be growing some interesting veggies, which we later saw featured in a deconstructed salad prepared by chef Marcelo Marino’s Cordon Bleau crew.

Dean Richardson with Chinese red noodle beans

Chef Xavier Bonnafous served a goat cheese croquette with ratatouille.

Los sabores del mercado Venza

Chefs at the tents on Euclid had to stop cooking due to the rain …

Los Sabores del Mercado Venza

… but event organizers reacted quickly and moved the stations to drier grounds near the other tents. They should have probably done this to begin with but if more people had shown up I suspect the space would’ve been a little too cramped.

Los Sabores del Mercado Venza

With everyone dry, the cooking and eating resumed — and the rain stopped.

Los Sabores del Mercado Venza

The Cordon Bleau chefs under the direction of Marcelo Marino stole the show as they prepared their deconstructed salad, a composition of Malabar spinach, basil, purple carrots, candied beets, callaloo, mango vinaigrette, carrot coulis and carrot ice cream. Oh yes, they pulled out the liquid nitrogen.

Los Sabores del Mercado Venza

The final product showcased the featured ingredients in various states. For example, the callaloo was included fresh and in a jello-type form. The carrot was present raw, in a coulis and in ice cream. You get the idea.

Deconstructed salad

This is what the tasting version looked like.

Deconstructed Salad

Grimpa Steakhouse chef Joao Ezubio served meat croquetas with barbecue sauce and potato bolinhos (croquettes) at the next table. I think the Cordon Bleu folks next door lost a few spectators to Grimpa’s more hearty food.

Los Sabores del Mercado Venza

I passed on test driving the Venza but I snapped a quick shot of the car behind the event.

Toyota Venza

My last bite was a Venezuelan chicken empanada with avocado and cilantro sauce from Charlotte Bakery. It was starting to rain hard again so I decided to call it a day.

Los sabores del mercado Venza

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  1. kudos to you for being a trooper. I was laying in bed watching the Lord of the Rings back to back to back and decided I was just getting over a cold/cough and the last thing I wanted to do was run around in the rain. Looks like good eats were missed!

  2. That empanada looks delicious! Are they going to have another one of these or is this a one-time event?

  3. Looks awesome. Seemed like a cool event despite the soaking. Now I’m hungry and craving Colombian empanadas and aji. Thankfully almost lunch time!

  4. It looks like it was a yummy event! I wanted to got but the rain scared me away.

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