June 21st, 2009

A hot afternoon in the Redlands

Redlands Summer Fruit Festival

The sun was beating down hard today at the Redlands Summer Fruit Festival. D and I arrived at the Fruit & Spice Park in Homestead a little after noon to check it out. There were more people than I expected and lychee everywhere.

Well more than any other fruit anyway. The ones we bought were extra juicy and sweet, a refreshing treat for such a hot summer day.

Mauritius lychee

One hundred and fifty varieties of mangoes were on display at the park’s tent, where mango trees were on sale for $25.

Redlands Summer Fruit Festival

The Strictly Business Band kept patrons entertained …

Strictly Business Band

Don Chafin of Going Bananas, a nursery that grows around 100 varieties of bananas in Homestead, had several of his plants on display and for sale.

Going Bananas

The lychees weren’t enough to keep us refreshed so we bought some dragon fruit sorbet and passion fruit ice cream from Gaby’s Farm. I had tasted their ice cream before but never the dragon fruit sorbet — I think I may have found a new favorite. You can find Gaby’s Farm ice cream at Whole Foods.

Gaby's Farm

Robert is Here was there too …

Robert is Here fruit stand

… with some great-looking fruit.

Dragon fruit

We were there for a little over an hour. It was way too hot but that gave us enough time to visit all the fruit vendors, sit down for some ice cream and buy some fruit. Food vendors selling your typical festival fare (arepas, gyros, barbecue) were also there but we preferred to eat lunch elsewhere. Heat aside, it was fun.

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6 Responses to “A hot afternoon in the Redlands”

  1. I love the festivals at Fruit and Spice Park. However, I never venture out there in the full heat of summer–I commend you.

  2. What is that last fruit?!

  3. CB – that last fruit is dragon fruit or pitaya.

  4. This festival always disappoints me, particularly because you can never buy a lot of the fruit. In years past I remember all the different types of mangos, but you could just look at them and not buy or try them (what’s the point!). At least Robert is Here was there, but then again, you could just go to Robert is Here. Great pics though.

  5. Even if you can’t get to the Redlands, you can find Gaby’s wonderful ice cream treats at Whole Foods – I just picked up a pint of “Pure Passion” at the store on Miami Beach.

  6. Great pictures! Great memories! Now that I don’t live in Miami anymore, I really miss these exursions to the Redlands…

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