July 30th, 2008

My first bites

A few weeks ago, Gail Shepherd from the Broward/Palm Beach New Times reached out to me about a new feature on their Short Order blog. The feature, called First Bites, would highlight the first food memories of local “food people” and she asked me to tell her about mine. Though I could’ve gone the “I remember spending hours in the kitchen with my grandma route…” I opted for another food memory that though not my earliest, was meaningful. That’s not to say I didn’t have my share of grandmother memories. My two jobs in her kitchen were shelling peas and shredding chicken for her ajiaco, and I loved doing it but I just thought I’d go with something more unique to me. So with that, I leave you with my “First Bites” mini-memory

PS: I must apologize for the scarce posting lately. I won’t go into what’s keeping me busy again, but I do promise more frequent posting starting now.

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6 Responses to “My first bites”

  1. I loved it! Glad to see you are back. Now go shell some peas!

  2. Does anyone shell peas these days??? :) I’m glad to be back too.

  3. Wait, was this when we took breaks from playing mission impossible after rescuing Bergen from el cuarto de atras! :) Now I look like an obscene vinegar fiend! Good times!! I think you filled the tomato with vinegar too!!!

  4. Estuviste estupenda recordando aquellas épocas de niños, que lindo escribes para tus lectores del periódico y celebro que hayas vuelto a escribir. Felicitaciones.

  5. hi paula! i am glad you’re back- I have posted a few comments but they don’t appear, am I doing something wrong?

    thank you and many congratulations on your engagement

  6. Love it. Hope you can delight us more often with your postings

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