March 10th, 2008

New look … again

mango&lime redesigned

It’s been a little less than a year since I changed mango&lime’s look, but I had been itching to give it a bigger face lift. This time, I got some professional help. The new look just went live and I can barely contain myself. So, here it is, the new mango&lime. What do you think? Comments? Suggestions? Send them all!

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17 Responses to “New look … again”

  1. Love it! Very clean!

  2. Awesome new look!

  3. Love it!

  4. Felicitaciones ! me gusto mucho, muy profesional !

  5. Bravo! Very easy on the eye!

  6. Looks great Paula. I enjoy this site so thanks for keeping up with it. You are far more dedicated than I hehe :)

  7. Truth? Hate the new look.
    Your blog is about food, not writing.

  8. Thanks to everyone for their positive comments.

    Will – Care to elaborate on your comment?

  9. Bit of a problem here in Safari. You’re header is pushed down by about 20px. Other than that, love the clean look, especially the lime at the bottom.

  10. Ryan – Thanks for letting me know. Another person sent me a screenshot and I’m trying to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.

  11. p – it looks great!

  12. It’s teriffic Paula. Congrats.

  13. Congrats on your hard work with this beautiful blog, Paula. You have a great sense of style, proportion and design. Though I found the bigger font easier for the old eyes. Keep it up!

  14. It looks great !

  15. Love it!!! Great job. Clean and useful design.

  16. Wowza! Love it! My favorite is the lime at the bottom, it’s like a little surprise at the end of the page.

  17. Again, thanks for all the positive comments.

    Eleanor – I asked that the size of the font be increased a little so I hope that helps.

    To all the Safari users – the issue has been resolved.

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