March 5th, 2008

Barbecue and beer

North One Ten ribs

[Updated: North One Ten closed]

We celebrated a friend’s birthday at North One Ten last week. I had learned that they offer beer and barbecue on Fridays and when I mentioned it to a few friends, they thought it’d be a fun choice for a birthday. I first thought the restaurant had a special barbecue menu and some beer selections that you could choose from. Not quite. They do have a special menu but unless you’re in a group of three or less — in that case, you choose three entrees — you get a little bit of (almost) everything on it — for $50 per person.

To start, our table of 12 got four plates of a mix of appetizers, including chicken wings in a guava-habanero glaze, Cuban bread sloppy joes with pulled angus short ribs, grilled shrimp skewers with a smoked tomato vinaigrette and grilled vegetable brochettes. Those were not on the menu. I suppose they replaced the crab cakes that were mentioned with them. The sloppy joe was good, though not as good as the one we sampled during the festival. I loved the wings. Paulaner was the selected beer for this course.

North One Ten BBQ

Next, the entrees, which are served family-style and in generous quantities. There was coffee-crusted filet mignon, grilled lamb spare ribs with pomegranate BBQ sauce, yuca crusted salmon with black beans, and chicken. The menu included grilled pork and roasted duck but if these ever came to our table, I didn’t get a taste of them. No one seemed to care, though. Sides include collard greens, roasted corn on the cob and a mac and cheese. The filet mignon was delicious as were the ribs and the mac and cheese, which I’d happily have on its own as my meal. The chicken was good yet it didn’t blow me away. The beer: Anchor Steam.

For dessert, we got plates to share of mascarpone cheese cake, blueberry cobbler and flourless chocolate torte. The beer: A very thick Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.

As you may be able to tell, it is a lot of food, even for a big crowd. We had so much food left on our table that our server offered to wrap it for us to take home. But everyone really enjoyed it and the family-style makes for a pretty interactive meal with your fellow diners. I found the price reasonable for what you get. Just remember, you’ll eat a lot so bring an empty stomach.

North 110 in North Miami

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10 Responses to “Barbecue and beer”

  1. Sounds like good grub and all 3 beers you had are some of my favorites. However, $50 a person is rough for bbq…

  2. Believe me, for the amount of food you get $50 is well worth it. And you get to bring home the left overs!

  3. Do they pour you one beer per course per person? Or is it free-flowing? (I prefer free-flowing.) How was the crowd? Food looks awesome.

  4. I would say it was a little more than one per person. I drank fast so my glass was filled up a few more times than others. I wouldn’t say it is free-flowing though.

  5. Yeah, not quite free-flowing but not so limited. They give you glasses and the servers fill them and refill them. Keep in mind that the glasses don’t fit a full bottle but they refill them as you empty them.

  6. So if you have a party of 3 or less you can order a la carte and avoid the $50? I still think $50 is steep for bbq but I guess thats just me. Id have been like you D, pounding like no tomorrow cuz I love Anchor Steam and Paulaner.

  7. BM – No, you don’t order a la carte, but you get the appetizers, the desserts, the sides and only three entrees, which you choose. As far as I know, it’s still $50. Hmmm… I guess it’s a better deal if you have more people with you.

    MD – About the crowd, since it was a birthday party they put us in a nice room they have in the back, which I didn’t know existed (where the bar is) so it was just us… It was funny actually, because in the room they were playing Gwen Stefani, R&B and music that I’m sure they weren’t playing in their main room, where things were a little quieter (at least from what I gathered when I walked in).

  8. hey what about Korean BBQ and Beer… if you ever go to NY you gotta try: Cho Dang Gol :) great experience

  9. […] menu at North One Ten Posted in March 18th, 2008 by admin in Florida News No Tags Oh, man: the barbecue menu at North One Ten sounds absolutely amazing. I’ve been wanting to check that place out […]

  10. very much appreciate all the nice comments

    wishing u the best

    Chef Dewey
    North One 10

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