February 27th, 2008

Michael’s Genuine in Bruni’s Top Ten

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink was among Frank Bruni’s top ten in today’s New York Times. Well deserved! [via Chowhound]

Here’s Bruni’s full list:

Central Michel Richard (Washington)

Cochon (New Orleans)

Coi (San Francisco)

Fearing’s (Dallas)

Fraiche (Culver City, Calif.)

Guy Savoy (Las Vegas)

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (Miami)

O Ya (Boston)

Tilth (Seattle)

Ubuntu (Napa, Calif.).

Updated to add links to restaurants.

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11 Responses to “Michael’s Genuine in Bruni’s Top Ten”

  1. I love this article! Be weary it is a series of articles. They will be published every Wednesday for the next three weeks!

  2. Michael’s is good no doubt. I eat there often, and recently gave it a favorable review. But top ten in the US? No. Top ten in SFL? Arguable. The more posts and articles I read about Michael’s, the more I think it’s becoming genuinely overrated. Definitely overrated for what you pay.

  3. I disagree Steve. I always prepare to be let down when people start hyping a restaurant like crazy in the same way people have hyped Michael’s. However, the quality of ingredients and the preparation is top notch and I think that you get a great meal for the price. I can understand why this guy rates it as a top choice.

  4. Hey BM.

    Michael’s does really good stuff there, but if you asked me to pick a SFL restaurant for this Saturday night, it would not be in my top five. As I think about it more, it probably fits in my second five.

    (Top five in no particular order: Joes, Prime 112, Cap Grille, Table 8, Matarano)

    I prefer hearty, but I appreciate Michael’s menu. I also give it credit for re-inspiring me about Belgian beer. It loses points for its small bar area.

  5. Its definitely a matter of personal choice/opinion, thats for sure. In your list, I would put P112 and Table 8 as overrated but thats my personal opinion. Ive lived here 7 years and still havent been to Joes because I grew up in Boston where the seafood is much better and I cant stomach paying an insane amount of money for stone crabs. They just dont do it for me. I also really like the food at Martorano but the atmosphere can get really old really quick. The Cap is by far my favorite steakhouse chain ever. Awesome steaks, good sides, and great drinks. Reasonably priced as well. I just hit up the CG in Boston and had a tournedo/lobster (claw & tail) surf & turf that was out-of-this-world-good and only cost me $40.

  6. It’s funny that you called me on Table 8 and 112 because they are definitely #4 and #5 on my list and could be argued off. Joe’s is the best. It’s not that much more expensive than Michael’s. You should defintely go before the season ends. Cap Grille’s lobster mac and cheese appy is incredible. I like Morton’s a great deal as well. And for one price point lower, Houston’s is very solid. Also, I went to Randazzo’s in CG for the first time last month (finally), and had a great time. Good homestyle italian with big glasses of wine. Price point lower than Matoranos. There are a couple of restaurants in Sunny Isles Beach on the high end that I hear are tremendous.

  7. I know many people don’t like Table 8 but I really enjoyed the first time I visited and thought the food was done well. You guys have tried a lot more of the higher-end restaurants than I have. I like Randazzo’s but I don’t know that it’d be among the 10 in the nation. I think Michael’s is somewhat unique in Miami and that has gotten it a lot of attention. That’s not to say that their food and ingredient selection isn’t great.

  8. […] even recognize one of the judges, who has gotten some recent praise from an out-of-town newspaper (hint hint). (I’m deciding if I want to show some of my pictures on Flickr that reveal a lot of the […]

  9. Paula-

    I was talking about Top Ten in SFL. Michael’s makes that list, but there’s no way it ranks Top Ten in USA. It’s a writer just trying to come up with the next big thing. If he had titled the list “excellent restaurants in the USA you probably don’t know about” than I would be onboard.

  10. This is likely one of those things that could be argued until there is no oxygen left on Earth, so we’ll all have to agree to disagree but also agree to keep eating well.

    BTW, thanks for the post on the burger contest during SBFWF, Paula. Im definitely hitting up Radius next time Im home. Probably will try O Ya as well!

  11. BM – Let me know how Radius is when you go. I tried another one of their dishes at Best of the Best and it was pretty good.

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