February 25th, 2008

Sneak peek: Fratelli Lyon


Slow Food Miami celebrated the life of Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini last night with a dinner at the soon-to-open Fratelli Lyon in the Design District. The restaurant, which owner Kenneth Lyon of Lyon & Lyon caterers said was conceived as a sort of front porch for Driade — the design store that houses it — will open in about one month.

Fratelli Lyon Miami

We started off with antipasti — different types of bruschetta, olives, breads and cheeses — during a reception before dinner. Fratelli Lyon is housed in a modern and somewhat industrial-looking space, which still has a few sections unfinished. It’s surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, has stainless steel counters and shelves, and modern, clean-lined furniture from — where else — Driade.

Fratelli Lyon Miami

While we mingled, Lyon and chef Brian Morales went to work preparing the first course. The restaurant will serve authentic regional Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner, Lyon said. The idea, he added, is for the food not to be over-the-top or pretentious.

Fratelli Lyon Miami

Our dinner featured five courses, all of which the manager told us will be part of Fratelli Lyon’s menu. We started off with pan-fried sole served with cipolline agrodolce (sweet and sour cipollini onions), toasted pine nuts and golden raisins. This was my favorite course for its mix of sweet, salt and sour flavors. Next, a risotto Milanese with slowly braised veal. The veal was very tender and had a rich, deep flavor.

We followed that course with roasted poussin (Cornish game hen) with “suffocated” Swiss chard. I’m not entirely sure about the preparation of the chard but it was delicious. Then, each table was served an artisan cheese course to share that included taleggio, percorino toscano and gorgonzola served with walnuts, dried apricots and bread. And to end, budino al cioccolato, a pudding-type chocolate served with an espresso mascarpone cream and almond biscotti. The chocolate was a bit too rich for me, especially after all that food, but I was happy eating the espresso mascarpone cream on its own.

Fratelli Lyon Miami

I must add that the staff was incredibly organized and knowledgeable, which is a pleasant surprise in Miami. Though last night was a set dinner for everyone, I’d say that if this served as a preview of what to expect of the restaurant, we may be in for a treat.

For upcoming Slow Food Miami events, click here.

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14 Responses to “Sneak peek: Fratelli Lyon”

  1. We were extremely impressed by the authenticity, quality and presentation of the food, and the friendly professionalism of the staff.

    It was particularly enjoyable to practice speaking Italian with our delightful waiter who is from an area in or near the Friuli region.

    We will definitely be among Fratelli Lyon’s first customers when it opens!

  2. We are so excited for you and can’t wait to come there for dinner. Loads and loads of luck!

  3. Nice pics! Excited for this spot to open.

  4. We have been to many excellent events catered by Lyons and Lyons. Now, we are excited to be able to eat his food anytime(rather than waiting for another catered party)!!!

  5. I have been a fan of Kenneth Lyon’s food since Lyon Frères and am very excited to be able to have access to his culinary talents once again without having to host or attend a party catered by Lyon & Lyon. I am sure Fratelli Lyon will be amazing, since the owner has the “Midas Touch” for excellence. I cannot wait for the opening and will most certainly be a very frequent customer.

  6. Oh delicious! I can’t wait to attend. Chalk another one up for Slow Food.

  7. So Glad to hear such rave reviews. Can’t wait to have new regular lunch stop. Lots of Luck!

  8. fratelli lyon will be open to the public! first dinner is tueday may 27th…
    see you there.

  9. […] more on Fratelli Lyon, read mango&lime’s sneak peek from a few months […]

  10. Walking into Fratelli Lyon gave me an impression of being in a cosmopolitan city, a restaurant always come with rough edges that will file off with time, HOWEVER, good food is what will prevail.
    I was seated at the bar where I was squeezed between two rather rude patrons that kept bumping their arm on my chest as they ate without apologizing. I was quickly presented with the wine list, and ordered a glass of wine, which was the smallest pour I have ever had. Of course I was quickly asked if I wanted another glass once I finished with my first one, feIt a bit pushy. The rest of the patrons around me were well taken care of, plenty of water, plenty of bread. I had to ask fo water and was never served bread. The Chef/owner approached both sides of the parties surrounded me (I was dinning alone) I was not acknoledged by him at all.

    Ordered the sweet & sour beets, which basically were boiled dice beets on a plate, plain & no appetizing presentation for about $8.50, not many chefs can mess expensive diced boiled beets!

    As a main course, ordered the lemoned scallop rissotto, which was bland and soupy, the scallops garnishing on the top were actually tasty.

    Skipped the desserts.

    I always judge the tidiness of a restaurant by their bathrooms and when using Fratelli Lyon’s left a lot to wish for. Just did not want to imagine how that kitchen was run, if the bathroom was so unkept and shocking to me, that this place was just recently opened!.

  11. I am Italian and Italian food is a different things,i never go back to this place!!!!!!!!,,,Question…… is the chef Italian?????if is yes fire him immediately !!!!!

  12. Flippo,

    I imagine your favorite italian food is that crap spaghetti from Pizza Hut!

  13. My first experience was wonderful. The specialty homemade sodas, past and service was great.

    My 2nd time was quite different. The carbonara was dry and bland. The pizza was tasteless and sloppy. The server was very nice. BUT The owner KEN LYONS does not know how to be a gentlemen. He is rude and unfriendly. HE wont succeed with that attitude or food. I used his catering service for years and never said thank you or even a hello on either occasion. He actually turned his head when my party left after spending 400$…..

  14. Jonathan – I’m surprised to hear that about Ken Lyon. I met him at his restaurant and I didn’t find him rude or unfriendly. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

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