February 11th, 2008

Colombian candy

Colombian candy

One of my favorite lunch spots, La Moon Restaurant on 8th Street, opened a small store of Colombian goodies adjacent to the restaurant last week. It’s not too hard to find Colombian foods in Miami; many Publixes actually carry a good selection of it, but somehow it’s always exciting to find more. Aside from the coffee and frozen arepas, La Moon carries lots of candy and snacks that you don’t find at Publix. I was happy to find a few childhood favorites: Sparkies, – the Colombian version of Skittles – Mani Moto, Gudis, chicken and lemon-flavored potato chips (Papas Margarita), ChocoRamo (a type of chocolate-covered pound cake) and others. The store will also be selling wraps and salads to go.

La Moon Restaurant
144 SW 8th Street

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5 Responses to “Colombian candy”

  1. La Moon is a fav late night spot for us. I would much prefer that they used some of that space for dining. It can take 15-minutes to get a table at 1am. And they bill themselves as Colombian fast food? : )

  2. Word on the street is that they wanted to use the space for extra dining but had trouble getting permits. They created a little space, which they call a lounge, where they have a couch and a few chairs for people to have coffee. My feeling is that at late night people will spill over into that space — tables or not. Yeah, they’re not very fast, especially when they’re packed on late nights.

  3. I love Chokis! I had no idea they sold them there!

  4. Does anyone know if the Sparkies can be purchased online and shipped??? or if they can be purchased elsewhere on web? thanks.

  5. Where can I purchase the Sparkies candies?

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