January 19th, 2008

Coral Gables Farmers Market

Paradise Farms cherry tomatoes

Today we headed to the Coral Gables Farmers Market. It’s not that I’ve been on some sort of farmers market rampage. Or maybe I have. In reality, I’m just trying to learn more about our local food and what’s available to us. I was also there to meet Miami’s Slow Food convivium leader and to check out the stone crabs that the group will celebrate at their Stone Crab Picnic next Saturday, but I took the opportunity to walk around and meet some of the vendors.

Coral Gables Farmers Market - Paradise Farms

The Coral Gables market is much larger than the Upper East Side market we visited last week, though it has about the same number of produce stands. Here, however, I was excited to see Paradise Farms, a farm that’s known for working with chefs but not for selling retail. A girl at the stand told me today was their first day there and that they’d be doing an 11-week trial to see how they did. “So far, we’ve gotten a big turnout,” she told me.

Peppers at the Coral Gables Farmers Market

The other two stands carried conventional produce, but one in particular had a good selection, including peppers, greens, bananas, papayas and wax beans.

Spices at Coral Gables Farmers Market

A stand that carried spices and spice and tea blends was getting a lot of attention. The scent of spices just drew you in. We bought three tea blend mixes, including a blend of hibiscus flower, mango and papaya that looked and smelled delicious.

Coral Gables Farmers Market

The stand of seafood that I initially went to the market from was bustling. Judy, “the stone crab lady,” was sick today but her children manned the booth. The seafood is brought from Everglades City. Other things we tasted: local honey and bread from the Chocolate Fashion, a French bakery in the Gables. Bottom line: It’s not the perfect market, but for Paradise Farms, the tea blends and the seafood, I’d go back.

[Updated with market location]
Coral Gables Farmers Market
405 Biltmore Way (in front of city hall)
Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., through end of March

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12 Responses to “Coral Gables Farmers Market”

  1. Where is it in the Gables?

  2. Oops! Small little detail. I’ve updated the post with the location. It’s in front of city hall. You can’t miss it.

  3. I’d definitely check it out for the Paradise Farms and stone crab selections. That’s an improvement from when I last visited.

  4. Great post and images. The tea blends look awesome. Have you tried the new Indian restaurant on South Beach, its called ISHQ. If you enjoy organic foods and a great atmosphere you might want to check it out.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I am definitely looking forward to hitting this market. If you end up in Pinecrest, I can’t wait to hear how it goes. It’s a bit of a trek now that I am car-free and alternative transportation dependent, but I look forward to your report!

  6. THanks for this post Paula. I read it at 1200p on Saturday, got dressed, and hauled ass over to check it out. Best thing is that there is a little parking garage for $1/hr just across LeJeune. I was very pleased with the quality of veggies and the prices were awesome! I got a pint of roma tomatoes for $1, a bushel of green beans for $2.50, two fatty ears of corn for $1, and a cubanelle pepper for $1. I resisted the urge to buy a bunch of tea and spices because Im already overstocked on tea and I had no specific use for the spices (although herbs de provence are always good to have around). Then I headed over to the stone crab booth (Steve’s Stone Crabs) and picked up a pound to enjoy with a 6-rack of suds and my neighbor. I thought overall that the market was great and much better than Glaser Farms Market in the Grove with prices that range from high to complete absurd. I would like to see some mushroom variety there though. That and there is a company from the Keys that I forget the name of but they make a ton of different Key Lime products and one is a Key Lime Mustard Sauce that is phenomenal. I need to remember who that is…

    One more thing to point out… The Stone Crab lunch had items catered by Whisk Gourmet, which is located on LeJeune just off of US1. I definitely recommend checking them out as their lunches and early dinners (they close @ 7p but you can call ahead) are incredibly good. Check em out at http://www.whiskgourmet.com and if you go, be sure to go for the skirt steak!

  7. BM – Glad you liked it. I was there for the Stone Crab picnic too… The sides by Whisk Gourmet were delicious. They had blue cheese and bacon potato salad, greek salad and roasted beets. We tried some of each. It was the perfect day for a picnic!

  8. […] to be very familiar. It’s run by Jerry, a conventional farmer from Homestead who I met at the Coral Gables Farmers Market, a few weeks back. There, we picked up purple, white and yellow peppers (3 for $2) and a Chinese […]

  9. I go to this market all the time- great place. MUCH better produce than Publix. There’s also a Farmer’s Market in the Grove, not sure if they still do it- went last year and it was not impressive.

  10. […] It’s market time once again in Coral Gables. The Coral Gables Farmers Market in front of City Hall kicks off today and will run through March 28 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. A gardening demonstration will be held every Saturday at 9 a.m. and a  at 10 a.m a cooking demonstration with local chefs. See pictures from my visit last year, here. […]

  11. went on valentines day and got the best stone crabs of my life amazing quality

  12. […] lychee and longan honey I bought is produced by Miguel Bode. I once bought his tupelo honey at the Coral Gables Farmers Market and I haven’t wanted to buy honey at Publix since. This flavor was sweeter than the tupelo […]

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