January 12th, 2008

Upper East Side Green Market

Upper East Side Green Market - Miami

Saturdays are taking a new meaning with our CSA trial. This is only the second Saturday, but I woke up eager to find out what was in our new box. I’ll write more on this later, however. Right after D and I picked up the box, we headed to the Upper East Side Green Market that started today at Legion Memorial Park on Biscayne and 64th.

Leeks and purple peppers - Upper East Side Market Miami

As I first walked up to it, I wasn’t sure I’d find much aside from flowers, fresh juice and bamboo, but the market, though small, had some good things to offer. And it was packed, which was nice to see.

Upper East Side Green Market - Miami

There were about three stands with fruit and vegetables. A stand of organic produce was probably the busiest and it had a nice variety. Most of all it just looked good.

Parsley, asparagus, onions - Upper East Side Green Market Miami

Not that we needed much more food with our box, but we need a few extras. At this stand we bough limes (4 for $1) and shiitake mushrooms for a stir-fry we want to make ($2 for a small bag).

Farm fresh eggs - Upper East Side Market Miami

We were also out of eggs, so we picked half a dozen. Not cheap ($4.50/dozen) but we wanted to try them.

Persimmons - Upper East Side Market Miami

At another stand, we bought a red pepper for our stir-fry, a half pint of raspberries from Chile, which at $2.50 was a good deal — the same amount is $4.09 at Publix right now — and one persimmon. D was curious to try it and the friendly man at the stand convinced us that we had to try this fruit.

Fresh mozzarella - Upper East Side Green Market Miami

Though I resisted the fresh mozzarella, which I sampled and liked, D bought some black ink pasta from the man at this stand. His, offered mostly Italian packaged goods — pastas, olive oil, sauces and more.

The market runs until March and if it keeps up like today, it’ll probably do well. It’s not too big but for those of us who live in the area it’s a nice addition — and it’s definitely better than the Lincoln Road market.

Upper East Side Green Market
Legion Memorial Park
6447 NE 7th Ave.

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15 Responses to “Upper East Side Green Market”

  1. Looks great. If I didn’t get sick I would’ve went yesterday. I hope more people discover this market and promote it–Miami is in dire need of better food markets.

  2. I wish you were living in the Houston area and provide us with this healthy, helpful and delicious articles for our great city. Nice pictures. Hi D.


  3. The pictures are great! I am curious–are those purple peppers in the basket with the leeks? I’m really excited about the homemeade cannoli and mozarella!

  4. Trina – Those are purple peppers in the basket. I don’t see those around here. The mozarella was delicious.

  5. We must’ve passed each other at the market. I was a little disappointed with the selection, but what can you expect?

    BTW, make sure the persimmon is super soft before eating it. Bad things happen if you eat it too early.

  6. L2M – Yeah, it wasn’t a wide selection of items but I guess my standards for Miami are not that high. And given that it’s close to me it’s not a bad option to pick up a few things.

    The guy gave us a very ripe and soft persimmon and we ate it that same day. It was good.

  7. Looks interesting, sort of similar to what we briefly had at Mayfair in the Grove. In fact, I think your persimmon guy was there because he got me to try one too. Shittake for $2.50 a bag??? How many or what weight? Thats a good price as they usually go for $10-12 per pound.

  8. BM – It was $2.00 for a small bag — about 20 mushrooms.

  9. Damn, thats a great deal!

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  11. Went last week and bought a few items. Definitely recommend buying some of the home made spices. Mangos weren’t that great and the blackberry batch I bought for $5 was a little bitter.

    Still, thought it was a great addition to the neighborhood as I saw people walking with dogs and strollers along a section that was frequented with prostitutes just two years ago.

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