December 6th, 2007

Happy I found Lost and Found Saloon

Lost and Found Saloon

It’s been a few days since I posted, dear readers, and I apologize, but preparations for a work trip to Dubai (I type this as I wait in New York to depart) have kept me quite busy. I have, however, made some time to try a few restaurants. One of them, Lost and Found Saloon, has made Wynwood its home for two years but I only noticed it about six months ago and first made my way there last week. Better late than never.

The small restaurant, which has a modern decor with cowboyish accents, serves what it calls Southwestern cuisine. On large flat-screen TVs, owner Ken Bercell plays surfing movies or nature documentaries, but, he tells us, he has two satellites and will show sporting events. The menu is small but includes an interesting mix of items like tacos, burritos, flautas, crabmeat stuffed endives and a three-bean veggie burger. Nothing’s fried here. Portions are just right. Food is fresh.

Lost and Found Saloon - Baked Chicken Flautas

I ordered baked flautas on my first visit and the triple bean veggie burger a second time around. D ate a burrito with chipotle seared chicken both times. For the burritos, you choose an “add-on” from a selection that includes, among other things, grilled portobello mushrooms, the chipotle chicken, salmon, mahi-mahi, lump crabmeat, pulled pork and others.

The baked chicken flautas were simple, but tasty. They’re served with a mildly spicy roasted pepper pesto on the side, which gives them a little kick. I liked the pesto so much, I asked Ken what was in it but he didn’t disclose the secret. The veggie burger was, again, simple but satisfying. Topped with cheese, red onions and plum tomatoes, and served only with a small side of cole slaw. This is the type of place where you can go for a no-fuss weekday dinner and have a satisfying and relatively healthy meal. Service is very laid back and friendly.

Lost and Found also serves a selection of microbrews and wines. My Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat was a good companion for my meal both times. It’s girly, I supppose, with its hints of blueberry but it’s a light, refreshing beer. A caveat: You must consume food if you want to drink on the premises. Long story, having to do with the city of Miami.

And then came dessert. The restaurant serves a selection of homemade pies and a jumbo chocolate chip cookie. D and I shared apple pie a la mode the first time we visited and loved it. And the portions are not huge so we didn’t feel that guilty.

I’m happy I found Lost and Found and I see it becoming a routine destination for D and me. Living close helps, but if you’re in the area, give it a try. I’ll do my best to post from Dubai.

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6 Responses to “Happy I found Lost and Found Saloon”

  1. I wouldnt say Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Ale is girly at all. Nothing beats sitting out in a boat on a lake with a 6-rack of Sea Dog Blueberry on a hot summer day while fishing. I used to do that on the Quabbin Reservoir in MA while i was in college. Its a brew from Maine and I was shocked when I saw it down here at a number of stores and bars. It also packs a nice punch and if youre a girl and drink too many, the puke doesnt taste as bad as regular beer haha!

  2. just ate this week at the lost and found as well. found the food to be fresh, and the portions just the right. They weren’t too big, and I felt like I was eating healthy even though I probably wasn’t. The service was good. My only complaint was that it smelled like dishwater in the main dining room. You definitely should eat on the front sidewalk if you go there.

  3. I ate there for the first time Saturday! My friends and I sat in the back longish room. Everything was great (we had the Thunderbird Red, and pulled pork sandwiches), except the service, which was slow almost to the point of absurdity. I’ll try it again.

  4. BM- Thanks for the background on Sea Dog…

    Steve — I made the same comments to D about the portion size. I was satisfied with my meal but didn’t feel like I was about to burst. I didn’t notice the dishwater smell but that’s not good.

    Alesh — The first time I visited, the place was nearly empty (only a couple people at the bar) so service wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t say speedy but not terrible. The second time around, I sat at the bar so there was always someone around. Hope they improve it because I do like the place and its food.

  5. This place sounds fantastic! Healthy Southwestern food? I’ll have to see (taste) it to believe it.. :p

    Have fun in Dubai!

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