November 20th, 2007

Wanted: Crawfish in Miami

Live crawfish
Photo by R. Lee Coleman

My friend is making seafood gumbo for Thanksgiving and I can barely wait to partake in another not-so-traditional Thanksgiving meal. On Sunday, I took her to Casablanca Fish Market to buy the pounds and pounds of seafood she needs for the preparation, but finding crawfish in Miami turned out to be a mission that culminated in a Walmart Supercenter in Homestead — where she bought every bag of frozen crawfish tails she could get her hands on. At Casablanca, they told her they didn’t bring crawfish because on its journey here it lost much of its freshness and no one bought it anyway. At one of the four Publixes she visited, she found one pound of crawfish that she used in an ettoufe she made to get ready for the big day. They were bad and tasted funky, she reported. So, I ask, where’s a girl to get her crawfish around here?

PS: Don’t forget to submit your Thanksgiving stories by Thursday.

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13 Responses to “Wanted: Crawfish in Miami”

  1. If I was in Miami, I would take advantage of local ingredients. There’s no New Orleans rule that says crawfish has to be in gumbo. Lots of New Orleanians just throw stuff into it and make it any which way, for the roux is the key to the gumbo, just as the key to jambalaya is in the trinity. (You do need other things, but if you mess up the key you’re out of the game).

    I’ve had excellent crab gumbo, veggie gumbo, sausage/chicken gumbo in New Orleans. Come to think of it, why isn’t the chef taking advantage of all the good crab down there?

  2. You might be able to find them under a different name – congrejos de rio.

    I’ve seen them under that name in Sedanos but I’m not sure if they’re seasonal – I haven’t gone to Sedanos in a while.

  3. Yeah.. Don’take the risk of spoling the gumbo. I will forget the crawfish

  4. Good point, Saint Jambalaya. She did buy a whole lot of fresh shrimp and crab as well as these gigantic prawns, that looked more like mini-lobsters and the fish market called crawfish even though they weren’t.

    Jordan — Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Oh, this is great!
    As a cajun gal whose family still lives in Lafayette, Lousiana, I do often make gumbo with lots of other things — andouille sausage and chicken among them. But … I was craving a nice crawfish etouffee/gumbo for this particular feast! I suppose it doesn’t help that my family raises the little mudbugs on the farm there, so I’m not used to going without when I crave them.

  6. That’s a lot of crawfish!

    I hope I get some of those critters soon!

  7. I think I saw crawfish on my first and only visit to Whole Foods in South Miami. Good luck!

  8. Congrejos del rio: I just had an image of the crawfish congregation. Well I sympathize, GumboGirl, while in SF it’s not too hard to find crawfish it’s a major effort to locate good andouille or boudin. A friend of mine from Louisiana who nows lives in Virginia bought her own sausage-caser for the feat. Anyways, good luck on your search and laissez bon temps roulle. Geaux Saints!

  9. […] you know, today I’ll be heading to a friend’s house for a Louisiana special. At D’s request I made pumpkin pie for the first time — I keep thinking I’m not […]

  10. Thank you Gumbo Girl!!

    The gumbo was delicious!

  11. My husband farms live fresh Louisiana Basin Crawfish (25 years)…We were thinking of getting into overnight live delivery. Let me know if we can be of any help! I can assure you we want to make a positive reputation!

    I’d also be willing to help anyone looking for other Cajun favorites! Born and raised Cajun Ya’ll…lol.

    “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez” (Let the Good Times Roll)

  12. P.S. We live in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana…. the crawfish capital of the world!

  13. Any luck yet? Just moved to Patrick AFB near Satellite Beach. Born and raised in Louisiana and miss crawfish sooo soo much. Can’t even find the frozen tails around here :(

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