October 24th, 2007

Discovering mango pickle

Mango pickle

The green, white and yellow container looked harmless sitting there on the bar, but it took only one look and a smell to know it was more menacing than it looked. It was mango pickle.

One of the consequences of having a blog titled mango&lime is that I’m urged to try everything mango. Interestingly, it doesn’t happen with lime. Don’t get me wrong, I love mangoes but there are limits.

As the night progressed and everyone got happier, the mango pickle resurfaced and D decided to suggest that I try it. Onlooker friends cheered me on. I obliged and took a very small quantity of the brownish, pungent stuff in the container and hesitantly put it in my mouth. The paste-like mango pickle wasn’t bad but it was strong, concentrated and fiery.

There are different versions of the mango pickle depending on the region in India where it’s made, but these are some common ingredients: green mangoes (of course), mustard oil, anise, turmeric, red chilli powder, fenugreek seeds and onion seeds. No wonder that little bite was enough. I don’t know if I’ll give mango pickle a chance. Maybe accompanied by something else, but for now I’ll keep away from it. What I would like to have and haven’t yet found is amchoor (mango powder). Anyone know of an Indian supermarket?

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10 Responses to “Discovering mango pickle”

  1. There’s an Indian lady up on 164th who may have what you’re looking for…Bombay 2008 NE 164th St. Are you sure you ate it? I’d like to see proof!

  2. Also, check out 441 between Golden Glades and Broward – lots of West Indian groceries and storefronts with east indian and asian spices

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I also found out about a place called Indopak yesterday (1809 NE 164th St.) Seems like this weekend I’ll be touring Indian grocery stores.

  4. I’ve hit up the lady DM mentions for asafetida (sp) and curry leaves. The place is a mess so you may have to ask her to find amchoor for you. And don’t give up on mango pickle. I buy a fairly mellow version at Cost Plus World Market that is one of my go-to condiments for leftover plain chicken or fish.

  5. L2M – I could see a small amount of mango pickle on meat or with something else. But plain, it’s just strong! Sounds like the Indian lady’s place is interesting… I shall report back.

  6. Miami Danny I would love to see proof as well! Are there any pictures of Paula actually eating mango pickle or did she throw it over her shoulder?

  7. There are several Indian shops in /around 163rd st. in North Miami Beach

  8. Love mango pickles. Love lime pickles. I supposed I’m destined to love your blog!

  9. I love the idea of mango pickles, but I think I would expect them to be more like our sweet pickles. Something like a watermelon pickle and perhaps just a little spicy.

  10. Elise – Sweet mango pickles would be delicious, maybe with a little spice but this was overwhelming. A few weeks later, I visited an Indian grocery store and they had so many different varieties of mango pickle. I’m sure some are spicier than others. But mango pickles… hmmm… maybe something we’ll see on your site soon?

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