October 16th, 2007

Sandrine’s Cafe + Bakery

 [Update: Sandrine’s is now closed.]

Sandrine’s Bakery + Cafe

I think I’ve said it many times before, how breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Well, if not for a friend who forwarded me an email about Sandrine’s Cafe + Bakery I may have never learned about the place and their Sunday breakfasts.

“Sundays are for enjoying life,” the email read. “French croissants and viennoiserie, omelets and Latin breakfast, fruits, honey and trail mix.”

I was sold.

Sandrine’s Bakery + Cafe interior

Sandrine’s is owned … well, by Sandrine. A French native who has cooked professionally and owns a catering company (The Fairy’s Treat) housed at the cute little place where the cafe now opened (about a block north of Flagler on northwest 27th Avenue — look for the orange awning).

When we arrived, she greeted us and told us about the Venezuelan breakfast. “Why Venezuelan?” I asked. Sandrine lived there for four years, which would also explain the fluent Spanish she switched to when my friend and I told her we spoke it. Both of us chose Latin-style.

Venezuelan breakfast

Our breakfast arrived slowly because Sandrine, as if cooking at home, first prepared our orange juice and coffee and then headed to the kitchen to make our eggs and assemble our Venezuelan breakfasts, which she served on a tray. For $4.99 we got an arepa filled with melted cheese, scrambled eggs with finely chopped tomatoes and onions, caraotas (Venezuelan speak for black beans) and carne mechada (shredded beef). Plus coffee and OJ.

I took one bite of the eggs. They’re just like home’s, I thought. The tomatoes and onions are what did that for my family often makes eggs that way. I’m not huge on beans and beef at breakfast but having them wasn’t bad at all. The meat and beans were as light as they could be for what they are — and very tasty. The arepa, what can I say? Crispy on the outside, oozing warm, melted cheese.

Sandrine’s Bakery + Cafe blackboard menu

Sandrine’s serves that same breakfast minus the carne mechada every day; for those who want something more traditional, there are omelets, croissants and other breakfast foods. At lunch, Sandrine’s offers a plat du jour ($7.99) that you can check on the cafe’s blog, where they post the weekly menus and updates.

I left curious to try their line of “pouched” meals — vaccuum-sealed, ready-made meals that need only to be heated. For now, though, I know I’ll definitely be back for breakfast.

Sunday breakfast is served from 8:30 AM to 2 PM.

Sandrine’s Cafe and Bakery
152 NW 27th Ave.

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15 Responses to “Sandrine’s Cafe + Bakery”

  1. Suena como un sueño el desayuno…those are the things that I miss about Miami…

  2. Perico (scrambled eggs) stuffed in an arepa is a fine breakfast. Looks delicious!

  3. oh my gosh! this looks great. can’t wait to go.

  4. Yum! You’ve made me hungry again, and I just ate lunch… :/

  5. Yes, It sounds very good!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. What are those little bags in the vitrine? Spices?

  7. Nope, those are the ready-made or “pouched” meals as they call them.

  8. This sounds divine and looks like an adorable place– i wish it weren’t so far from NYC!

  9. How smart! I’m sure they sell a lot of those pouches.

  10. Uyyyy… una belleza de desayuno. We have to go next time I visit, con la foto suficiente. Me recuerda los desayunos de Doña Caraotica en CCS… the breakfast of champions.

  11. Oh, I am so there! I’m forwarding this to the family!

  12. Has anyone been there lately? My aunt tried visiting on a couple of different Saturdays for the Venezuelan desayuno and it was closed…

  13. Trina – I just checked their blog and they haven’t updated their menu since November. I’ll see what I can find out. The desayuno was good… hopefully they haven’t closed.

  14. Sandrine’s is now closed. I just spoke to Sandrine and before she closed she had switched over to catering only; the location was taken over by another chef that she highly recommends who will be doing the same.

    I’m sad to have missed it!

  15. Thanks for the update, Christina.

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