October 1st, 2007

Birthday No. 30 at Bin No. 18

Bin No. 18

No, I’m not trapped under a rock. Today I turn 30 plus one day, you see, and I had a very eventful birthday weekend with lots of food in the company of family and friends. I would’ve told about it much sooner but with my and D’s family in town for the big celebration, time was scarce.

The official bash was on Saturday at Bin No. 18, a wine bar. And it turned out beautifully.

When D decided to throw me a birthday party, we considered several places and in the end were set on UVA69, but when they were slow to respond we called Bin No. 18. I’m glad we did. Owner Alfredo Patiño took me in and helped me plan out everything for the party, making me feel confident that it would be well taken care of.

Bin No. 18 is a warehouse-like space with lots of charm. Offsetting the roughness of its exposed pipes and industrial-looking floors are plush couches, big mirrors and hanging from its high ceilings, delicate chandeliers. Aside from its wine selection, it offers an array of imported beers and great food. D and I had been there twice previously and enjoyed it. Mostly it’s a laid back place where you can have a good time.

For the party we went with what’s party-like. We arranged for a variety of tablas – cheese and charcuterie platters for our 25 guests. Bin No. 18 offers three varieties: Italian, Spanish and French. We chose Italian and Spanish. And there was cava.

I was most impressed by the caring and professional service of Alfredo, Adrian and his staff. They handled my crazy friends gracefully and didn’t leave anyone unattended, handing each arriving guest a glass and pouring them cava while it lasted.

The tablas were a big success too. I didn’t know half of what I was eating because I missed Adrian’s explanation of each of its components while I was mingling with the crowd but everything was delicious.

At midnight, at the start of my birth day, we ate cake. There was chocolate cake and there was mango cake, but I’m leaving those for another post.

We kept Bin No. 18 open later than expected but no one seemed to complain. I really couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift: sharing food and drink in the company of those I love most. And to them, the warmest thank you.

Bin No. 18
275 NE 18th St.

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11 Responses to “Birthday No. 30 at Bin No. 18”

  1. Happy birthday! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooooo Paula, now you’re 30! 30’s are very fun years. You leave some of the angst of the teens and 20’s behind and are sailin’ mon. 😀 And from reading your post it sure sounds as if you are well on your way to stardom. The party sounds like a blast and so does the wine bar. How cool they were attentive.

    Hugs and happy birthdays to you and many more!


  3. Paula! That is quite a table setting! Sounds like you all had fun…sorry I missed it :( Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Happy bday Paula! I’ll be hitting the ol’ 3-0 in December. Honestly, I find that more funny than anything since I look 17 and still refuse to be a grown up more than 50% of the time :)

  5. Good times, good times

  6. Bin No. 18 was great. We all commented on the appeal of the place. It was very elegant a la design district…it was definitely the perfect venue for the grand event. I remember I tasted some of the cheeses and they were delish!!! The champagne was amazing and I also had a glass of a California Riesling (cannot recall the exact name) that was to die for…all in all a wonderful place and event for someone who deserves the best…

  7. Fue una fiesta maravillosa, para la hija mas linda y especial, la disfrutamos mucho!

  8. Happy Birthday! Remember that 30 is the new 20! LOL!

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  11. Hey Paulita,

    Happy Birthday… perdona, pero como siempre vivo atrasado en todo… looks like you had a great party anyway… WOW ! 30… te sigo en unos cuantos meses.


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