September 19th, 2007

Miami food blogs

When I began blogging, I couldn’t find many food blogs in Miami. There existed JeffEats, which is from Broward and seems to no longer exist, and Miami Foodie, which was abandoned. Now, though, now is different. Old-time Miami bloggers give food its fair share of coverage on their blogs, but blogs exclusively about food in Miami have been quickly sprouting around the local blogosphere. Finally, it seems, Miami is starting to catch up with other cities where food bloggers abound.

Take a tour around these other delectable Miami food blogs.

  • Foodtastic – “We love food and we’re not afraid to show it.” A down-to-earth look at food, with recipes.
  • Consumable Joy – Restaurant insights in Miami and New York.
  • Daily Cocaine – Street food, ethnic food, post-coital meals and more.
  • Meatless Miami – An ever-evolving guide to vegetarian and vegan dining options throughout South Florida
  • MenuPirate – “The beatings will continue, until your menu improves.”
  • Miami Dish – “The dish on all things edible and local.”
  • Riptide 2.0:Food – Food section of the Miami New Times blog (mostly by Lee Klein).
  • South Florida Menu Pages:Blog – Food events, food news, restaurant chatter and more.

Not exclusively about food, but serving up lots of edible reads.

  • All Purpose Dark – Restaurant events, shopping, reviews…
  • Blind Mind – “Ramblings, thoughts, observations, and inane banter.”
  • Still Life with Feet – “The bizarre, the beautiful, the chaos of Miami” — and yummy recipes.

Not Miami, but close enough.

  • I Shot the Chef – Candace lives in Hollywood but her blog is a must for recipes. I have major picture envy.

If I missed any, which is very possible, please let me know in the comment area.

Bon reads!

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16 Responses to “Miami food blogs”

  1. Aww, thanks. I’m getting more and more food driven as we speak. My nose has been stuck in MFK Fisher, Alice Waters and Mimi Sheraton for weeks. As always, your info and articles are fabulous.

  2. Thanks for the link luv Paula! Im pretty sure youre a Gables resident and if thats true you should definitely check out Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering on Le Jeune just off US1. Food is phenomenal. I did a writeup about it too. Happy eats!

  3. Leslie – Thanks. I’m reading MK Fisher right now too. And “Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant.” Love it!

    BM – I’m actually a Miami Beach resident but I’ll definitely check out Whisk Gourmet Food.

  4. I found this one just today…


  5. Paula you rock! Thanks for the shout out.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Paula! I’m totally digging the blogging thing, and glad to see there’s a number of local bloggers.

  7. luv the paula-see you friday for pouilly fuisse!

  8. I feel so honored! Sorry I missed you Friday night. It was packed!

  9. Thanks for this comprehensive list! I enjoyed checking out the links… Miami Dish is definitely a new Favorite!

  10. Hi Paula, the Miami Beach 411 Forums have a category dedicated to food and restaurants:

    Talking about food is fun, but when I do, it usually makes me hungry. I wonder if other food bloggers feel the same?

  11. Jordan and Gus – Thanks for the links.

    Gus – I’m always hungry. :)

  12. Thanks for the linky love! But your “FOODTASTIC!” doesn’t link to anything :-(

  13. Tere – So sorry about that. It’s fixed!

  14. Check out I will have more recipes and reviews shortly. Yelp is also very cool.

  15. More miami food blogs (mine!)

  16. Join me as I chronical my adventures (and misadventures) from my MIAMI BEACH kitchen. :)

    Meli Can Cook!

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