September 16th, 2007

A little housekeeping (Updated)


I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the past two weekends making some changes to mango&lime that, I hope, will make it a little better.

First, if you really, really want one more daily email delivered to your inbox, I’ve added a box in the sidebar where you can sign up to have mango&lime posts emailed to you. If you’d prefer not adding to your email bombardment, just keep on visiting.

Second, I played around a little with my post categories. With a little help I got to work. Many of my categories remained, albeit with slightly different names. Some stayed the same but I narrowed their focus a little. Here’s how it stands:

– Bookshelf – Cookbooks, magazines and other delectable reads.
– Guides and tips – Self-explanatory.
– Miami – About the city and its food staples (be it a market or an event).
– News nuggets – Food news.
– On the road – Eats during my travels.
– People in food – Chefs, bakers, celebrities, authors …
– Recipes – Need I say more?
– Restaurants – Ditto.
– Savory events – Cooking classes, restaurant promotions, food festivals and more.
– Shopping – Farmer’s markets, gourmet stores, chocolate stores and products I like …
– Street food – Food trucks, food stands, etc.
– Table talk – My thoughts, reflections, musings, rants …
– Web Finds – Interesting food websites, links, etc.

These are just two of eight changes I’m hoping to make to mango&lime in the coming weeks. Constructive criticism always welcome.

Update: I forgot to mention that I also added “Email this,” “save to del.ic.ious” and “add to Facebook” functions for each post.

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6 Responses to “A little housekeeping (Updated)”

  1. I was wondering…How did you get “share on facebook” on the bottom of your posts?

  2. Lara – I signed up for Feedburner, which allows you to very easily add what they call flare to your posts. You can choose from a number of “flare” options, including “share on facebook.”

    I did a little research and there is a plugin that allows you to add just the facebook option. Click here.

    I’m sure there are probably other services out there, but I had an easy time with Feedburner, which allows you to do it by pasting a script of code into your template and then just checking boxes for the options you want to offer in your posts.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Yes. Thanks so much.

  4. OfficeSpace2000 asks: Do you have enough pieces of flare?!

  5. I should’ve known the Office Space flare reference would come up! :)

  6. I am really laughing out loud right now Victor

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