August 28th, 2007

On the road: Fox & Obel

Fox & Obel

The more I visit Chicago, the more I like it. I love the people, the parks and flowers, the lake, the architecture … I’m sure it would only take me one winter to hate it, but for now I have nothing but love for the city. And discovering Fox & Obel this weekend just added to the love.

I’ve made it a habit when I travel to ask friends or acquaintances for recommendations about where to eat. Someone I know kindly sent me a comprehensive list of restaurant suggestions, which included a wonderful idea: shop at Fox & Obel, a gourmet supermarket close to our hotel, and eat by the lake. The day was perfect for a picnic.

Fresh Market in Miami comes closest to Fox & Obel, only Fox & Obel has a tad more personality and charm. The store has beautiful produce and the smell coming from its artisanal bread section traps you as soon as you walk in. There is also a large cheese section where you can taste the cheese, a coffee section offers the freshly ground coffee of your choice, a prepared foods section and a café sells a variety of foods to eat on site. That’s not to mention the seemingly endless shelves of olive oils, balsamic vinegars and wines. I wanted to take everything home.

The idea was to have a picnic but my girlfriends and I ate at the café instead. We were just too hungry to wait for our food and make our way back to Millennium Park. Anytime I see lobster on bread I can’t resist, so I ordered the Maine lobster sandwich, which was served with bacon, avocado and frisee lettuce. The bread overpowered the lobster a little but it all tasted great. I usually deconstruct my sandwiches anyway.

On our way out, my friend bought some plums to eat at the park. And on a bench under a tree — cliché, I know — we enjoyed juicy, sweet-and-tangy plums. It was a great day and Fox & Obel a great discovery.

Fox & Obel Food Market
401 E. Illinois Street

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8 Responses to “On the road: Fox & Obel”

  1. I shouldn’t read you blog before lunch, it gets all psycho-stomachtic. That sandwich was delicious and those meaty chunks of lobster, YUM!

  2. Chicago is a great food town and the people there are awesome. If you like Chicago, youll love Boston as well. I had one of the best meals of my life in Greektown in Chicago and Ive eaten a lot of killer meals there on recent visits too. Definitely my #2 favorite city next to Beantown. Vegas is #3. Not sure where Miami fits in though haha. Food is great here, albeit ridiculously expensive and fueled by shitty service, but the people here kinda suck (not you folks of course!)

  3. I went to Boston recently but only for a day in which I had a hot dog at Fenway. Never been to Vegas but I hear about their good food and good service. On my to-do list!

  4. New Orleans wins hands down. I wasn’t impressed with Boston. The food I had there was too “official” and the people were flatly rude.

  5. I love Chicago and for me Boston is hell on Earth. The people are rude and snobbish and I feel this air of racist even. It’s the coldest big city I’ve been to, and I’m not talking about the weather.

  6. Wow, I think the people in Boston are incredibly nice. You can ask strangers on the street to help you out with directions, bar/food recommendations, etc. and they always hook it up. Definitely can understand you on the racism thing though. Its predominantly a white italian/irish town. All races get along, but the neighborhoods are kinda segregated. Thats pretty much the reason I was in such a culture shock when I moved here to Miami. No way the people in Boston are more rude than those in Miami or New York.

  7. I guess I wasn’t in Boston long enough to notice the rudeness.

  8. Yo, this place was so quaint. We could have spent hours there and more dollars. Chitown steals my heart anyday. But this is coming from a midwest native. Hope you come back soon!!!

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