August 14th, 2007

One year of blogging


It’s been a year.

Reading my first post last night, I giggled a little, remembering my beginnings in the blogosphere. It all happened almost by chance. An email from a friend planted the seed in my head. I hesitated but when I realized there were few, if not any, food blogs in Miami, I took the plunge.

It hasn’t been all smooth. I’ve had my hiatuses, times when I just haven’t been able to keep up. There have been some identity crises when I can’t seem to decide what I want this blog to be about. Is it reviews? Myself? Food as ritual, as I wrote on that first post?

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this year of blogging, it’s that I shouldn’t worry so much about what mango&lime is and isn’t. Going with the flow has turned out to be much more productive than trying to give it a set direction. And the truth is the main reason I started this was myself, and I think my little blog has succeeded in helping me:

  1. Keep my sanity
  2. Connect with lots of people
  3. Improve my writing
  4. Have the perfect excuse for eating out — a lot
  5. Put on a few pounds

I tried unsuccessfully to bake mango&lime a mango upside-down cake on Sunday. Let’s just say the cake turned out the thickness of pizza crust. It tasted fantastic especially the next day but I couldn’t bring myself to display my pan-cake on this occasion, so I’ll just leave you with my 2006-2007 favorite mango&lime moments:

1. m&l goes to the market for its first food blogging event
2. m&l attempts humor as guest blogger on “Klotz” as in “Blood” during Miami’s cross-blogination
3. birthday eats around Miami (that’s my birthday we were celebrating)
4. m&l takes a trip to Homestead for Rib Fest
5. m&l goes ghetto
6. m&l hosts guest “15 wines under $15” guide
7. m&l goes fishing. Ok, not really … goes to the fish market
8. m&l has its cake and eats it too

Thank you for reading!

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17 Responses to “One year of blogging”

  1. Congrats! It’s been a great year dining out and BBQ’in with you and D. Every meal is an adventure.

  2. No one knows how hard it is to produce the good stuff like you do, until you try to do it yourself. It ain’t easy! But you do it with great humor and gusto-here’s to the great future ahead! Congrats Paula!

  3. congratulations on making it through a year!

  4. Happy one year of blogging. I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing all of your pictures. Keep it up!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! You deserve the best…it has been a joy reading M&L everyday…

  6. Happy birthday M&L in your first year of life!
    I hope you continue to delight us for many years !!

  7. Buon compleanno e buon gusto!

  8. Happy first! It’s not easy, is it? But if you wanted something easier you’d be “Tango and Rhyme!”

  9. It is a delight to read your blog, it is fresh, easy, friendly, and very tasty.. It is a reflection of your heart and you should be very happy for sharing it with with us. After all it is what matters. I hope you keep it for many more years.

    You are my “Chiquitina Linda”. Congratulations

    Proud Dad

  10. Feliz Cumpleaños M&L!!!! Y aunque hay muchos mas, este es el mejor!

  11. Congrats Poris!! I am so proud of you!

  12. Y que se puede decir… Each time I read M & L (I admit it’s not all the time) it’s right on point. I admire your work and how you manage to do it with so many other activities in ur life. Dale pa adelante pauli pau, pa atras ni pa coger impulso.. I predict many more years of M& L, thank you for the delicious and tasty blog.

  13. Thank you everyone for the kind comments.

  14. Funny. You don’t look more than 6 months old. :)

    Way to go, Paula.


  15. Hi Paula and Happy Birthday M&L!!!!! This is just the beginning for you and your wonderfully entertaining blog!!!


  16. Congratulations! I love M&L!

  17. Congratulations!

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