July 12th, 2007

One meal in New York


I’m in New York City today and tomorrow. Work, not pleasure, but here’s a chance to have one great meal: Dinner tonight. Not that I’ll be fasting, but the other meals will be provided to me. So I sit here facing the tough decision of where I’ll have my one New York meal. It’s not like I’ll never be back in New York, but why not have a memorable meal? I asked a friend where he would go if he had only one dinner in New York. He said Mario Batali’s Babbo. Another person suggested David Chang’s Momofuku Saam – if I’ve got daring, he said. I like to think I do, but I’ll have to gauge how experimental my friends are feeling tonight. Someone else recommended Prune and Mary’s Fish Camp. Looked at their menus and they sound delicious. Prune’s in particular. I’m also considering another of Batali’s restaurants: Casa Mono. Sounds like a fun place to go to with friends and it’s a less expensive than Babbo. Sigh. What to choose when the possibilities are endless? I’m leaning towards being daring but I might have some convincing to do.

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6 Responses to “One meal in New York”

  1. Prune is awesome for brunch but never been for dinner.

  2. Good to now. I’ll let you know how it is if I go there.

  3. good luck and bon appetit!

  4. Haven’t been to any of them but I say go daring :)

  5. Go to Craft or Nobu. I just ate at Craft and it was fantastic!

  6. […] chose Casa Mono. You know, for my one New York meal. I ditched the daring and picked this self-dubbed Spanish tavern, mainly because we wanted to make […]

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