May 4th, 2007

Bites: This week in food (4/30-5/4)

Throughout the week, I read a lot of interesting food-related news and articles. So I thought why not share them right here? I present to you … Bites. Find them every Friday on mango&lime.

Martha Stewart partners with Costco

Martha Stewart is launching her own brand of frozen foods. For sale in 2008 at a Costco near you, says The New York Times. Like we need to see her face in more places.

Why do onions make us cry?

Accidental Hedonist had an interesting post about why we cry when we chop onions. Read the comments for interesting tips on avoiding such kitchen drama. One I’d never heard of, is to chop the onions near a flame. I’ll have to try that. Anyone have other onion-chopping tips?

Indian mangoes arrive in the U.S.

I did not know this, but Indian-variety mangoes used to be a hard-to-get commodity in the U.S. until last Friday when the first (legal) shipment of the fruit arrived in New York. Florida growers tried to plant some Indian mango varieties but they didn’t grow too well in the state’s humid climate.

A ‘magic’ guide to Latino food shopping

The Latino Nutrition Coalition — I never knew such a thing existed — issued a shopping guide called El Camino Mágico (The Magic Path) to encourage Hispanics to go back to their traditional, healthy eating ways. It seems that most of the suggested dishes were inspired by Mexican cuisine (a banana rolled up in a tortilla for breakfast?). Not that it’s bad, but a lot of the dishes include tortillas… The guide was distributed in Dallas and Houston, but will eventually be distributed to other cities, including Miami.

Crazy Russian cakes

Courtesy of epi-log. Eat a Russian-made laptop, sneaker, hamburger, Singer sowing machine cake … need I go on? Take a look at the pictures. Pretty impressive cakes. Although some of them look fake, which means they can’t possibly taste too good.

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