December 7th, 2006

Holiday dinner jitters

The day is getting near. On Saturday, yours truly will be hosting 20, maybe more, people at her small apartment for a holiday dinner party. I love entertaining and I get into full Martha Stewart mode when I do, but this officially will be the largest crowd I’ve entertained for dinner. I typically fare well in my hostess endeavors and despite my tendency to procrastinate, which leads to a lot of last-minute rushing in the kitchen, I always seem to pull it off. But in this case, I’m feeling a bit more pressure. I have no doubt everything will turn out fine but maybe it’s the fact that it’s a holiday dinner and that I’ve dropped my usual disorganized self — did someone say spreadsheets? — that makes me feel like it’s a more serious hosting affair.

For now, here’s what’s on the menu*:


  • Spinach and artichoke dip – None of my parties can go without it. My patrons will ask for it. Seriously.
  • Prosciutto-wrapped melon (courtesy of one of my guests).
  • Baked brie (courtesy of another one of my guests).
  • Shallot-cherry confit (the experimental dish).
  • Sausage and cheese balls (a Southern staple, I hear, and courtesy of my co-host).
  • Mini ham and cheese sandwiches


  • Orange-glazed ham
  • Mashed or roasted potatoes (I can’t make up my mind but given the amount of dishes I have to bake, I may go with mashed).
  • Salad (Still thinking about my options but maybe something spinach-based).


  • Marshmallow-peach dessert – This is one of those recipes that has been around in your family for so long you’ve lost its trail. I have a feeling it’s one of those Kraft recipes. Very easy to make too.
  • Cupcakes (courtesy of another guest).

* Items subject to change based on the hostess’s mood or desire for convenience.

So, will she make it? Ye shall find out, with recipes and yummy pictures to prove it.

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