October 31st, 2006

From the blogosphere

I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so. Life, work, have kept me away from Mango&Lime and the blogosphere for that matter. Finally today, I’m starting to catch up. A few items of interest:

The round-up of Dine & Dish #7 is now up. Sarah of The Delicious Life sums up my first time like this:

So Paula and friends head over to Sheba, her first time there, and her first time with Ethiopian food, and was “No awkardness, no discomfort, mostly sublime.” Trust me, Paula, I know. It was like that for me too when I tried all those delicious vegetables, stews and bread for the first time last year.

Alesh of Critical Miami has a review — and great pictures — of Los Tres Amigos, a Mexican restaurant in Allapatah. Good to hear there are other Mexican eateries worth visting in Miami.

And Manola over at Sex and the Beach reports on Maxim’s latest venture: a chain of steakhouses? Apparently Miami is one of the chosen locations.

Happy Halloween!

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