October 20th, 2006

An ode to edamame

I’m not really going to write a poem here. The title of this post just aims to convey the sense of admiration I have for this, the so-called wonderveggie. What is it, oh green one, that makes you so addicting? In fact, there may be no real point to this post except to share my love for edamame; I’m not going into the beans’ nutritional properties and health benefits. I just love them; their buttery taste and the meditative act of eating them by squeezing the beans out of their pod with my mouth. By far, the best edamame I’ve tried at a Miami restaurant [pictured above] is at Indochine — an Asian restaurant a few doors down from Tobacco Road. If you haven’t tried it, go. Its wok specials and mango sushi roll are pretty good. But back to the edamame, here’s a simple Edamame Salad recipe* I love.

*Note: This recipe works just as well without the radishes, the cilantro and dressing give the edamame a great taste. You can also serve it over greens.

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6 Responses to “An ode to edamame”

  1. Friggin love those green beans!! Never got the whole sucking on sunflower seeds thing, but I totally understand where those people are coming from after discovering edamame. Good fun.

  2. this is a cute post.. made me laugh.

  3. These beans are so good, they are saying “eat me mami!” :-)

    I always forget to buy these … I love them and I know my parrot will go nuts. She loves looking for the beans in the pod.

  4. Yum! I forgot that I have some in my freezer. I think it’s time for a snack… 😉

  5. oye, you should of wrote an ode como Neruda.. jeje they are pretty good but I didn’t like them at first, but thansk to you sis I have tried a variety of exquisite plates, foods,snacks… pero ya sabes carne, papa y arroz para mi jaja.

  6. […] check was about $32; not bad for five rolls, edamame, a tuna ceviche, a Thai iced tea and a bottle of […]

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