October 10th, 2006

Save the date: South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Tickets to the 2007 South Beach Wine and Food Festival, which takes place from February 22-25, go on sale on October 16 at the festival’s website. Be warned, tickets sell out quickly for some events like the festival’s popular Bubble Q!, a barbeque and champagne shindig at the Delano hosted by Today Show’s Al Roker and featuring a slew of high-profile chefs. So far, I’ve never been able to score a ticket — although at $300 per person, I’m kinda glad.

The festival brings back many of its signature events, the Grand Tasting Village, of course, the Bubble Q!, the Barilla interactive lunches at the Biltmore, — I attended one this year with Iron Chef Cat Kora and Andrea Curto-Randazzo of Talula; it was a lot of fun — but there seem to be a few new things. The Food Network is sponsoring the event and holding its first Food Network Awards. According to the website, awards include: The One Food You Must Eat Before You Die, Best New Food Technology or Gadget, Top Food Lovers Destination, and Food Network Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Award. The Food Network will also be taping an All-Star BBQ Party the week of the festival. Trying to find out more details about this.

I’m also very curious about the Amstel Light Hollywood and Vine, an event thrown in conjunction with the Miami International Film Festival, and also new for 2007.

“…the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival partners with the Miami International Film Festival to showcase a movie with a menu truly worthy of recreating. Feast your eyes and then treat your taste buds when the Technicolor feast on the screen materializes on your plate. The evening will give a whole new meaning to the term ‘dinner and a movie.'”

The website doesn’t give much details about cost for this particular event, only saying it’s “open to the public,” but I’ll get to the bottom of this as well. Anyone have food and wine festival experiences to share?

Update: The Hollywood and Vine event is free. There will be a movie screening on February 22 on 13th and Ocean. I’ll be posting more details about the festival as I get them.

Update 2: Just received word that the Hollywood and Vine event will be taken off the program for now because there were some problems with the film that was chosen, but organizers are looking into a new film.
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