September 25th, 2006


Life was a bit crazy last week. Between work, planning a birthday party and everything else, I had little time for cooking, let alone eating anything worthy of mention. As I got ready to write this post this morning, I found a comment from a friend kindly pointing out that I hadn’t posted in five days. Believe me, I was aware, probably all too much, and it was killing me, but it was truly busy. I am back however, and although another busy week awaits me as my real birthday is coming up and I’ll have family in town to celebrate, I won’t let another five days go by. So I hope you have faith in me and check back soon for more food musings.

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2 Responses to “Interlude”

  1. Happy Birthday Paula!!!!!!!

    (All Mango&Lime readers should also wish Paula a happy birthday!)

  2. Happy Birthday Paula,
    May you have a special day,tell your family hello for me.

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