September 7th, 2006

Such nice people, Miami bloggers

I was making my rounds around the Miami blogosphere, which I’ve only recently come to know better as a result of this little venture, when scrolling down the pages of Stuck on the Palmetto, I came face to face with a familiar sight. That mango… Could it be? Yes, it was. I must say that I’ve been surprised by the warm welcome from the few Miami bloggers I’ve come across so far. Thanks Rick for the mention!

hugh mcleod -

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4 Responses to “Such nice people, Miami bloggers”

  1. My pleasure!

  2. Hey there! What a pretty blog! I wasn’t sure if you’ve heard of the Miami Cross Blogination, but figured I’d mention it. Deadline to sign up is September 10! (Link is referenced with my name.)

  3. Well written, unassumingly refreshing, and simple in its design too.
    Really nice!

  4. Thanks Jackie!!!

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