August 14th, 2006

Why food? Why mango & lime?

Food has been a passion of mine for some time. I’m not quite sure how it started or when, but it’s there and it needed an outlet.

I’m no professional (despite a brief stint in culinary school) but I am an enthusiast, curious about tasting, and eager to learn and experiment. That’s what this space is for, to chronicle where my curiosity leads me, and in the process share experiences, recipes and stories. My playground: Miami, the city I live in, a city that like many of my favorite dishes is a fusion of cultures, colors and tastes. A place that many may know best for its Latin and Caribbean cuisines but that in reality offers its share of other, equally good foods. But this blog won’t be exclusively about Miami and it’s food, it’s also about how I and those around me experience it, about food as ritual.

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7 Responses to “Why food? Why mango & lime?”

  1. oh goodie, i’m excited! especially about your own recipes or just simple tips for cooking latin food, like the one i’ll never forget regarding cheap and good plantains you can make anywhere in the country!

  2. hum.. smells and tastes good.. cilantro, onion, mango, a delicious combination of flavor and color that fills the spirit. Try it if you haven’t.

  3. What is that tip for finding good plantains anywhere in the country?

  4. i foresee an upcoming post whereby our host outlines her tips for quick, easy plantains

  5. Thank god you are doing this! I need help, serious help, as you are well aware of. Now it’s like i’ll have my own personal chef to tell me what’s good and what’s not. No more guessing. Plus, since i dont get to enjoy your dinner parties anymore, i can recreate them here in Wisco. You rock!

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